1. I generally wash my laundry on Tuesday mornings. The whole operation takes about an hour and a half. I’m getting to the point where it’s wearing me out and toying with the idea of paying someone to do that task for me.

  2. I remember those days…when it got all too overwhelming and I couldn’t keep up with it, I would load up the van and go to the laundry mat. It was worth the extra money every once in a great while to get it all done, folded, and put away. ( Now that is a mental health day!) I knew a family who had 7 kids who decided that was the way to go. They had the whole family go to the laundry mat once every week, and did it all at once. My pet peeve are all the unmatched socks. My kids are all grown and gone, and I still have an entire basket full of them.

  3. “I generally wash my laundry on Tuesday mornings. The whole operation takes about an hour and a half. I’m getting to the point where it’s wearing me out and toying with the idea of paying someone to do that task for me.”

    Its cruel to mock those who are greatly afflicted with laundry. For your penance I hope you get the task of washing, drying, folding, and putting away laundry for 12 next week- while carrying the additional burden of a crushing guilt for never ironing.
    πŸ™‚ bwa-haha.

  4. I am in between those moms who do ALL THE LAUNDRY and those that have their kids do their own (wouldn’t that mean small inefficient loads?)

    We have 4 kids (13, 12, 6 and 3). The 13 and 12 year olds separate the laundry in lights and darks and do the laundry. Then they ‘process’ it- this means they fold and put away their laundry and put other clothes into (hopefully decent stacks of unfolded clothes) piles of mom, dad and little kids. The 6 year old folds dish clothes. I fold our and the little kids’ clothes and put away.

    it is so important that the children are involved with the laundry…or they will stick something CLEAN into the hamper so that they can avoid putting it in a drawer.

    In the past- I had my girls wear those navy blue uniform skirts even though we homeschool. less clothes = less laundry, I say- bins for the little ones, aprons for the others and nothing except underwear and socks (ugh) gets washed after only one wearing!

  5. Sometimes I read Simcha’s blog posts to get to Richard’s comments. Because they’re there. Every time.

  6. I usually do laundry every other day, now that we are down to seven people. I find that it is less mentally taxing this way, and I tackle it better too. I do one dark, one light, and one of bath towels, cloth napkins and kitchen rags (we don’t buy any paper towels or napkins). My big front loaders take bigger loads than my old conventional, water-wasting ones. While my new ones are cool looking, I have to admit that I think the old washers worked better. If I don’t use bleach with the towels they get a gross musty smell too. Also, I always go back to Tide because it works the best, (for spot cleaning too) but it irks me that it is the most expensive. Does anybody know of a detergent that works as well?
    I also adequately describe how great it is to have all the clothing in one spot. I keep almost all of the children’s clothing in shelves in the laundry room, which adjoins our walk-in closet. I fold, and put away, all in one fluid motion. When I let my 17-y.o. take all of his clothing to his bedroom it was insta-disaster! I’m going to have to suspend his rights.
    Other than folding the rags, napkins and bath towels, I don’t let the kids help me. None of them can perform precision folding adequately. I’m just fine with letting them help me with everything else.

  7. Richard, I love your comments. The internet is such a shady, shaky place, but you are so reliable, I really look forward to reading what you have to say. The only thing is I worry that you feel like you HAVE to buy books that I recommend or donate to every charity I happen to mention! I hope you know I’m happy just to have you as a reader and friendly commenter.

  8. I do laundry for nine plus a large dog (who doesn’t wear anything, but thanks to sheddig we a wear him, KWIM?).
    I realized that what kept me from relinquishing laundry duties to a child was that I was the only one who knew the identity of every rag and towel–which ones were for bathrooms or kitchens, which were body washcloths, which were kitchen cloths, which were floor rags, etc.

    I fixed that by going to the thrift store and finding two big flannel sheets. (I made sure to pray first. Taking 7 kids to the thrift store requires that.) I cut one into rags and the other into hand towels and finished the edges. All my washcloths look alike and all the kitchen towels look alike. Makes that part of sorting and folding a no-brainer.
    I have no good ideas about socks. I used to use a complicated color and size-coded system with Hanes socks until I realized that my efforts were as naught in the face of a slothful child who happily stole socks from her more industrious, team-player sister, and a son who was too team-playerish in that when he needed socks, he’d grab any near at hand, no matter what the size or filthiness. To assuage fears of enabling larceny and trenchfoot, I gave up and just buy socks whenever the children ask for them. I call the bg economy packs of socks Purina Kenmore Chow. I swear my machine eats like seven

    • …(baby hit the send button!) …seven pairs a year. Like the minotaur.

      I can’t think of anything better than Tide. I did that DIY cheap detergent for awhile, then Charlie’s while cloth diapering, and I am currently trying out Mrs. Meyers, but Tide seems to be the best.

  9. Simcha, I’m sorry. You didn’t ask me for laundry tips. And it’s especially egregious for me to share any when I came here to your blog expressly to avoid doing my own laundry.
    And there is humanity in a nutshell.
    Well, one of the babies smells bad, so back to the mothering arena. We who are about to do laundry salute you.

  10. I wasn’t going to do laundry today, but I saw your post and it reminded me not to slack off. I only have 3 children and I cannot keep up. I think part of the problem is that I need more help in carrying baskets up and down stairs and also folding or putting away….

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