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apron sex
shark sex
taxidermied cats in clothes

poop panic
pro llama
sexy spaghettios

sit down hobbies
speaking toilet
mustache villain

bolo bouncer
rutger hauer
couldn’t hoit to ask

is there anything i can do to prevent homeschool
what teen books are out there to help feel good
how to explain to grade schoolers what the kidneys do
do the jews control the world

i speed because i have to poop
ugly people in santa hat
eating refried beans while breastfeeding
edith street 4 a crabby one

mandy patinkin
mandy patinkin
mandy patinkin naked

john saxon pictures john saxon pictures john saxon pictures
patrick smelly teeth
coloring pages of hearts for lesbians
simcha fisher bitch


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 i.  ok
You take photos like Harley man!
If she farts, ka-blu-ee.
Becoming less masculine,
Marx Brothers sexistic.
Ok, let’s pray and see.
I am married but I want to be a priest.
(They have got married recently.)
Fatman sex.
Simcha Fisher drinking.
Bless somebody’s sole.
ii.  the technical details
Where is Kincaid in the list of great painters?
Sitting down that needes to be worn.
Have you ever flashed women while wearing a kilt?
My church doesn’t talk about the technical details.
Maurice Sendak Jewish goat;
Stupid fertility questions.
Feel the difference:
Shitzu and Starwars.
Spray chrome feel chrome like chrome.
iii.  finally
Can`t you see this is my shoes size?
Natural family planning designed to fail.
My mother in law was giving out to me while I was giving birth.
Hysterical postures!
Big fat woman sitting on little men:
What is there to resist?
Finally got around to watching Annie Hall.
My husband goes along.
iv.  all day
Home schooled children sit on their asses all day.
Girls wear plastic pants, St. Marys, South Bend.
Girdles pantaloons tubes;
Lady Barbara shoejob.
The church takes but doesn’t give anything.
v.  all over
Catholic women can no longer act as spiritual advisors.
All over the place in her writing.
Stupid trampoline!
The joke’s on you.
No legitimate excuse for a relapse.
What does it mean if my husbands co worker bakes him a desert?
Is Thomas Kinkade a big ol’ jerk?
Anyone who’s crazy enough to want to be a Jew is a Jew.
I vote for fat.

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I’m a pastor’s wife looking for inexpensive baby gifts.
Was George Washington brilliant or lucky?
Why do fat women like Tweety Bird?
I have to sit down blob.
You don’t want to be in my shoe, my shoe.
Stallone in the dark;
Planet tushy.
Beer is sabotaging my fat loss.
I’ll claw your eyes out.
 God, God, God, else but God:
Accidentally whole bottle.
How to reply when your answer is stupid?
How to make gargoyle feet?
Knock knock. Who’s there?  Never.
Victorian cats;
Get down, down, down; sit on the premium.
Superman unclothes
Are there any non-dorky homeschooling parents?
Simcha Fisher gun-wielding butt.
Lori Petty theme.
Disney penis,
Outrageous mustache,
Simcha dog hero.
Danielle feral,
Awful teeth,
Joke meningitis joke.
Big fig newton,
X-ray monkey,
“Wonky tonky” meaning.
Kosher condomes for ivf;
How is being told your butt is abig a complement to a girl?
He is a chubby man.
Simcha Fisher
Modesty debate.
I will make you fishers of pants.

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I feel so moron

what the hell is planet aid
what is the process of wearing my shoes
is it stupid to have 3 kids under 3
what time does snappy’s close

very short cut porno pants
don’t have an hourglass figure
your a wiener
snapy sex
scotch taped rabbit

lori petty
lori petty
lori petty  + boobs
simcha fisher horses butt
lori petty nude

why does my guy on harvest moon a wonderfull life always look unhappy even if he isnt hungry?
simcha fisher “moral theologian”
dont ha ha
lucky charms make me fart

zimcha fisher
dont you shush me
big dog teeth
huge dog teeth

blue haired doberman spells like outside but lives inside
male hair blond and pretty
jesus is you pall
i look is happy
i feel so moron

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The Search Continues

1,2 button my shoe
pain don’t hurt
don’t sit on god

big fat ladies
moron inside
judy drench
god’s feet with eyes


lori petty
Homer Price

have you ever seen such cruelty
“comments closed”
keanu reeves fat

let god decide how many children we have
the movie dont start till i sit down

awesome van
should i be concerned about my son wearing
turtle joke ah ha

please dont hurt my arse movies
lori petty
pin drop jerk


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Hamburger Washer Sleep Blog, Or:

Will Okra Slime Hurt Me?

. . .

Mad Jesus
Laughing Jesus
people choking
Jew site
Snappy kid talk
What is spillcock
baby powder help with lice
I have sit
I must sit down
Ha ha suckers
toilets blog
Mark Shea butter football
baby shower old wise tales


How to wet sitting down
Sit down joke
I need sit down
frog brothers
pasty vampires
Hallie Lord the jerk
. . .
Dear everyone,
Well, I did it again.  I thought the joke was really obvious, but it turns out that it was just me being a big weirdo again.  I hope no one was offended, disgusted, or, you know, weirded out.  This poem was made up of search terms for my blog.  Each line was an exact quote of a phrase that someone entered into a search engine, and then ended up at my blog.
“Hallie Lord the jerk,” for instance, is not a statement of opinion — it’s just a sad statement that Hallie Lord is now inextricably linked (at least as far as Google is concerned) with people like me.

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