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So here, a bit LATE, is my Tuesday’s post for The Register, in which I Do Not Make Anyone Mad.  I hope.

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Today at the Register:  Masculinity Reduction Surgery.  In a delicious irony, a few lines of text were snipped from the post, rendering it somewhat less potent than I would have liked.  Oh well.

Also, we had some technical problems, and weren’t able to include this video, which should have appeared after the line, “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT A MAN.”

Okay, the whole world is against me today.  WordPress won’t let me post the video.  Well, here’s the link.

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Today at the Register is the post which made me realize that I was more tired than I thought, because I came this close to naming it, “Never Mind the Politics, Here’s the Eucharist!”

I suppose this is the illustration I was going to use.

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Well, huh, are ya, are ya?

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You can find the podcast archived here — my ten minutes or so start at around minute 50.

I did manage to mention Curious George, which makes for good radio, I always say.  And apparently I am incapable of going more than five seconds without saying “absolutely.”  Could have been worse!

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I knew it.

In 9-year-old son’s  handwriting, hanging on the wall:

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Today at the Register:  A problem which I, happily, don’t have to deal with.

My short radio spot on the Son Rise Morning Show went well!  I think!  I didn’t say anything brilliant, that’s for sure, but I managed not to swear or cry or burp.  I’ll put up a link when it’s available online.

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