I’m so delighted to be on the Favorite Catholic Speakers list at BrandonVogt.com!  I would love to speak at your church, conference, event, group, retreat, gathering, or ladies sodality fight club.

I speak frankly and with humor about parenting, marriage and NFP, and about how everyone (not just wives and mothers) can find the balance between following God and acting like a big, phony weirdo.  A homeschooling dropout, mother of nine, and inveterate blabbermouth, I laugh at my own jokes and tear up at my own poignant insights.  There will not be a dry seat in the house.

Click here to listen to my recent talk, “Forgiveness, Cell by Cell” at Theology on Tap for Aquinas House at Dartmouth College.


My standard talk is 45 minutes, plus a Q-and-A session.  I may be available for day-long or weekend events, depending on the schedule.  Here are a few of the talks available:


  • Beautiful Stranger:  Making Contact with the Mother of God

Catholics don’t worship statues . . . or do they? Without realizing it, we may treat Mary as if she is made of porcelain:  fragile, pristine, and utterly removed from the struggles us “regular” people face.  In this talk, I discuss how I hit rock bottom one day and asked Mary just who she thought she was.  And she answered me.

  • Forgiveness, Cell by Cell

We’ve all seen those scenes in movies where the main character finally decides to forgive — and everyone is happy and at peace from that moment on.  Have you ever tried to forgive?  Have you noticed that the process is not quite like in the movies?  Common misconceptions about forgiveness, and some practical advice for how to get started with the real thing.

  • How To Discern Family Size Without Freaking Out

I drive my nine children around town in a ridiculous, unsightly 15-passenger van.  We might as well have “Catholic” stamped on our foreheads.  I, for one, enjoy this life; but does that mean it’s for everyone?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.  This encouraging 45-minute talk demolishes some dangerous preconceptions about what Catholic families ought to look like, and challenges us all to reevaluate how we look at other people’s lives.

  • Motherhood:  Receiving, Creating, and Letting Go

All women have a vocation to motherhood in one way or another, whether they’re married or single, lay or religious, surrounded by children or burdened with infertility.  But what does this mean?  What are women actually called to do, in order to live out this vocation?  This 45-minute talk is based on my chapter in the book Style, Sex, and Substance:  10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter, edited by Hallie Lord.

Other topics available:

  • Surviving Babyland
  •  How To Park a Giant Van, and Other Secrets of Big Family Life
  • Modesty, Responsibility, and Common Sense
  • God Likes You
  • What to Expect When You’re Abstaining:  Practical Tips for Surviving NFP

I would also be happy to tailor a speech for your group — just let me know!


I ask that you cover any travel and lodging expenses, plus a stipend.  Please contact me at simchafisher@gmail.com with the specifics of your event.


“Simcha Fisher is one of the greatest ornaments of the American Church. She has more common sense and wisdom in her little finger than some professional theologians have in their whole body.” — Mark Shea

Simcha Fisher is “one of the funniest, most talented writers out there today . . . If you’re looking for a hilarious and brilliant speaker for your next event who will leave your audience laughing, crying, and standing on chairs to shout that you are the best event organizer in the universe, she’s your woman.” — Jennifer Fulwiler

“Nobody can speak about parenting, NFP, or the general spiritual life in the same way [Simcha Fisher] can.  The world needs [her] message.”  — Brandon Vogt


  1. Hi Simcha,

    We would be very interested in having you speak at our church. We are just outside Washington D.C. in site of the Basilica. Please let us know if you’re interested.

  2. Can you post a schedule of when you’re speaking? Because I have no particular authority to invite you anywhere, but I would definitely drive to a random New England parish event to hear you give a talk!

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