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Blessed are the uncertain

More lessons of pregnancy.

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This holy family

Be you an angel, or be you a sheep, or be you whatever, Merry Christmas to you!!

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I love you all.

Well, yesterday was a pretty great day for me.  This is how December’s stats shaped up:

december stats

Now, my blog generates no revenue whatsoever, no matter how many clicks I get; but even if it did, that’s not what I’m talking about.  It was the astonishing outpouring of support and encouragement that made it just completely wonderful.  So many people took the time to write a letter to my editor — and boy, I know how busy people are right now!  That in itself was fantastic.

But what struck me most of all was how articulate, sincere, witty, and above all happy you all sound.  And then you sent me personal emails, messaged me, passed the word on Facebook and Twitter, and left encouraging comments everywhere encouraging comments could be left.  You guys.  I don’t even know what to say.  I’m just so glad to have people like you for my friends.

And it doesn’t hurt to have an endlessly generous, indefatigable, angry Irish combox berzerker like Mark Shea gallantly drawing off some of the crazybrain fire.  And then one of the funniest, most insightful, most crap-cutting cultural commentators I’ve seen in a long time, Tom McDonald references Spartacus and The Big Lebowski (well, there was a nice marmot, anyway) on my behalf.  I . . .  I now feel able to stand tall against the scathing disapprobation of, um, Spirit Daily.  And Pewsitter.  And Selfrigithous Marmot-Fanciers United for the Magnesium.

Also, Al and Chuck’s Gay Travel Blog is getting a huge bump in traffic this week.  They must be so damn confused right now.

Oh, happy, happy Advent to all of you.

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Why the heck not?

Folks, so many of you have been so encouraging and so generous with your prayers already.  Thank you!  If you have a moment, and if you’ve enjoyed my writing here or at the Register, maybe you could drop a line to the  Editor-in-Chief, Jeanette de Melo.  She’s been getting lots of calls and emails about me lately, and I’d love to have some friends add their voices.


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FYI, I am in communication with my editors at the Register about how to respond to all the complaints about my and The Jerk’s remarks about Michael Voris’ cruise.  Stay tuned, and prayers are welcome.  Thank you.

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Go, Robbie!

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It’s not just altar boys who sometimes say, “I don’t think I want to serve anymore.”

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