How to ruin your marriage with NFP

Fifteen years of painstaking research, my friends, and now I’m sharing it with you!

Also, may I just say that probably my favorite part of the day is when someone who thinks NFP is evil tells me that I’m not open to life, and I can’t answer them right away because I’m nursing the baby, and one kid is giving me dandelions, and the other one is sitting on my head because she just likes it up there.


    • @Colet, I reckon! I’ve just come back from the comments over there where I nearly drowned!
      Interesting tho’. And it always makes me laugh when some people just don’t get it!

  1. Brilliant satire. I noticed in the comments a lengthy debate over whether any act (NFP in particular) could be called intrinsically good/virtuous. Google had nothing to say one way or another on whether something could be intrinsically good. Do you have any information on this topic?

    • Ech, I haven’t been following that aspect of the conversation very closely, because those kind of abstract definitions are never helpful to me, whether I’m trying to examine my own conscience or think about other people.

      Our behavior never happens in a vacuum — it’s never free of mitigating circumstances or . . . whatever the opposite would be. We do good things for the wrong reason and bad things with good intentions; and we do morally neutral things for good or bad reasons. So I kinda wonder if it even matters whether an action can be intrinsically good (although obviously we need to know which ones are intrinsically evil), since, spiritually, what matters is how and why we do them.

      I do tend to focus on the practical, and don’t have patience for the abstract, but I realize this is just my personality, not the gold standard!

  2. Thanks, Simcha. I was too self-focused when it came to this issue and you helped show me just what I needed to know. Thanks to God for answering my prayers through your words. This topic is not discussed often enough, even in NFP circles.

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