1. Catchy. From a 1994 animated film based on “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Anderson. Kind of reminds me of a Disney production from some time ago.

  2. Oh, my 2-year-old was obsessed with that movie for two weeks until she moved on to Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Gotta love Netflix!

  3. Speaking about things getting stuck in your head, I often pray as I fall asleep. I was praying for a certain prayer partner the other night, as I leaned on my elbow in bed. Who knows for how long? My wife woke me up suddenly (in a measure of alarm) asking me to pray over her. She does that sometimes. I complied, but used the name of my prayer partner instead of my wife’s. Later I learned that my wife had not woken me up at all, but I had awaked her. It’s funny how things get lodged into your head. I know my wife is having a hard time forgetting the whole episode.

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