I’m going!

to the first ever Faith and Family Mom’s Day Away in Stoneham, MA!

It will be April 2, which is the baby’s birthday.  Too bad, baby!  Mama’s going to hang out with Danielle Bean, Jen Fulwiler, and Rachel Balducci, who will all be speaking at the event:

In addition to the talks, our schedule for the day will include Mass, opportunity for personal prayer, adoration, and confession, catered lunch, select vendors, and book signings.

I happen to know that the following fascinating women will also be there:  Hallie Lord!  Rebecca Teti!   Melanie Bettenelli with her guaranteed beautiful new baby! Lisa Mladinich! Kate Wicker! Pat Gohn! Dorian Speed!  Lisa Hendey! Siouxsie and the Banshees!  Or maybe I just dreamed that!

It was kind of a long night.  The baby decided she was no longer going to fall for this ridiculous “sleeping” routine, and by the time she succumbed, I was wide awake and ready to fret the night away.  Then she woke up again half an hour before the alarm went off.  So I changed her, started some laundry, some coffee, and some cream of wheat (yes, they each ended up in the proper receptacles somehow).  Got the kids out of bed, and 45 minutes later we were all in the van, just waiting for my son.  I had seen him with his jacket and one boot already on, so I assumed it was safe to get into the car and leave him to figure out the rest on his own.

Mothers, never underestimate an 8-year-old boy’s ability to  . . . just stand there.  For any amount of time, for no particular reason.  He has other talents, but his main one is . . . just standing there.  Eventually I got the little goober out the door and into his seatbelt.  We blasted through the fresh blanket of snow that had fallen (because yes, Lord, yes — we needed more snow.  More snow is exactly what we needed) and onto the highway.

Fifty yards down the road, a truck stopped in front of me to make a left turn.  I stopped.  I really did stop.  I stepped on the brakes, anyway.  But after several seconds of dreadful, silent drift, it became clear to me that I could either smash into the truck, or into the snow bank.  The snow bank looked like it was resigned to more smashing, so that’s the route I took.

And you know what?  No one got hurt, the van was fine, I didn’t hit the truck in front of me.  AND, the driver of the truck pulled over to make sure we were okay; she lent me her phone, and while I was calling my husband, two guys stopped to help.  While one of them was hooking up a chain to the van’s back bumper, a volunteer from the fire department stopped to direct traffic.  Everyone was just lovely, and within five minutes, I was back on the road.  Isn’t that nice?

However, I believe I could use a day away, even if I have to wait for April!  And I know you could, too.  It really does sound like it’s going to be a wonderful time.  If you can make it at all, I would absolutely love to meet you there!  And yes, if I can get my act together, I will be handing out Pants Passes.


  1. Yes, more snow is exactly what we needed. I think it’s funny that even with all the days off school the kids around here have had, there are no fresh snowmen popping up.

    You know it’s bad when kids stop making snowmen.

    An April getaway sounds fantastic. As long as there’s a massive thaw between here and Stoneham by then.

  2. I’m not even going to try to come because I’m sure everyone has already taken out restraining orders against me. However, it does sound like a lovely time. Enjoy!

  3. Lauging at your “just standing there son.” I have a daughter like this. When she’s not just standing there, she’s making inexplicable detours — as evidenced concretely by her footprings in the snow this morning on the way from the house to the car, twenty feet away. All the other tracks made a straight beeline, door to door, but Anna’s looked like one of those dotted-line trails you see in the “Family Circus” cartoons, literally making loops through the front yard on the way to the car.
    That’s my girl. Knew whose footprints THOSE were. 🙂

    Glad you guys were ok this morning! And God bless the Good Samaritans!

  4. Glad to hear you are all okay! That drifting part when you realize you aren’t going to be stopping where you planned to stop is the worse!

    I wish I could go…April 2. Hmm….

  5. I’ll be there in drag. Which is to say, NOT IN PANTS. When I want to dress like a lady, I wear a dress, thankyouverymuch.

  6. Have fun. My favorite part of going away for the day is when I come home and the little ones try to punish me by making Daddy change their dipes and otherwise tend to their needs for the next hour or so.

  7. “… never underestimate an 8-year-old boy’s ability to . . . just stand there.”

    Lol! Amen!

    I’m glad everyone was OK – including your hip van. Just think of how much grace you imparted to all those good Samaritans by giving them an opportunity to help you!

  8. it must be 8 year olds because we have a female one who is very good at …. just standing there…. on any given school morning.

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