Mene mene tekel parsin

Loosely translated:  “Sometimes,  / When I look deep in your pants, / I swear I can see your soul.”

Ha ha!  Just kidding.  But remember that terrible song “Sometimes” by that medium-terrible band, James?  James:  because what the world needs now is more Irishmen singing.  He didn’t actually say “pants,” but it would have been a better song if he had.  Hey, and look, it’s a bunch of guys wearing dresses!  I suppose this is all my fault, too.  Not the bananas, though.

In the past week, there has been a lot of soul-searching.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly been people searching each other’s souls and — you’ll never guess! — finding them wanting.


I, of course, am not guilty of this.  No, I certainly haven’t spent the last several days wrapped in a semi-hysterical nimbus of self-righteousness.  I haven’t been following my husband around and making him reassure me, over and over and over again, that I’m a perfectly good wife most of the time.  My prayer life hasn’t consisted mostly of, “Did you hear that guy?!?”

Well, just to show that I can be old-fashioned, too, let’s go back in time and revisit and old game — and do a little soul-searching of our own souls for a change.  Not such a scenic route, is it?  I think there’s a whole series of books out on it by now, and I remember that Ironic Catholic had a contest at one point.  It’s so much fun:  Six Word Autobiographies.

Here are the ones I came up with a few years ago:

Last I checked, I deserve less.

Still a bum, just much busier.

I’ve secretly always wanted a dog.

Seven unmedicated births, fine; telephones, terrifying.

Married to Bach, trysting with Brahms.

and my favorite:

Help! Help, help, help!  Oh, thanks.

Okay, so what are yours?  Your life in six words.  Go!


  1. -My kids scream I need coffee

    (no punctuation b/c both interpretations are correct! 😉 )

    -None of us can focus today

    -The best days include a playground

    – Brilliant light breaks through cloudy blankets

    -Sunshine Already? Please, God, hit snooze!

    -I started today completely behind schedule.

    Fun Game! It’s almost like a “Bumper Sticker” generator! 🙂

  2. Hmm: “I wish I had a blog.”

    Or, to tweak your blog’s title: “I have to sit down. Opps.”

    It may not be rule-compliant, but as “a bear with very little brain,” I’ll borrow a couple of lines that pretty much sum up my life:

    “Animal crackers and cocoa to drink”

    or, from the heart of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Swing”:

    “Til I can see so wide.” That one works for me, even if the whole poem always makes me feel a bit unsteady (as poems sometimes do).

  3. Me?! Really?! What is God thinking???

    So many little souls. So stressed.

    So many little souls. So blessed.

    These are my life’s basic thoughts, on a rotating schedule.

  4. Don’t actually remember the song, which is shocking for me… maybe it’s clouded up in there with too much ‘She Talks to Angels,’ ‘I’m Too Sexy,’ and something depressing by Pearl Jam or weird by Nirvana, or whatever else I was listening to then.

    I enjoyed the skirts, though – especially the guy with the oh so prescient slanted cut black one that was shredded. Nice.

  5. Just another five minutes sleep, please.

    Why can’t someone else clean up?

    I should have skipped the soup.
    (says she having a gluten-induced cold-sore from one gluteny-soup infraction last weekend, and had more gluteny-soup this weekend.)

  6. Not ready to be the grownup!

    That works for most of my life, especially right now when I’m feeling ill and yet get to be the caregiver for the rest of the (ill) family. Gosh I’d love for someone to tuck me in with a good book and a cup of tea.

  7. My shortcomings far exceed wearing pants.
    If intentions are pavers, I’m screwed.
    I need to cheer up, already!

  8. What the heck is that smell?
    You’re going where, for how long?
    We’re moving where, for how long?
    Get that out of here, now! (no kidding, I just now said that!)

  9. I’m not stuck-up, just introverted. (I don’t know whether “I’m” and “stuck-up” count as one or two each. Surely it averages out.)

    Terra Sancta fills up my house. (No really, I live in the Holy Land. :))

    You do what you have to. (That one comes from my great-grandmother, actually; single mother of eight.)

    Pick it up, put it away.

    Easy won’t really make me holy.

  10. Like Jim, I’d jumped, it seemed. (all right, that doesn’t sum up my _whole_ life, but this does:) Why can’t I sing like Aretha?! (and so does this:) Lord, get me off my butt!

  11. Older; hope I’m much wiser now.
    I never said I ENJOYED cooking.
    Fat — it’s not a good look.
    Our grandchildren will love us regardless!

  12. No wet towels in the hamper!
    What? Morning already? What’s the rush?
    What? Bedtime already? What’s the rush?
    No more apologies for being introverted.
    So, so blessed. Thank you God.

  13. These are great. So many bumper stickers for my life!

    It’s not all about you, dear.

    (Jesus tells me that more than I say it to my children; I suppose I should cut them more slack for not listening when I do such a sad job of it myself…)

  14. As I was reading this I said out loud for only the second time today, but really I say this daily –
    “Please don’t hit me with that.”

  15. New reader here; I’m so glad that found your blog! Tho it’s a little late, I’d like to give this a try. Read? Here goes:

    OH NO!!!! Wait, nevermind. Short-lived crisis.

  16. New reader here; I’m so glad that found your blog! Tho it’s a little late, I’d like to give this a try. Ready? Here goes:

    OH NO!!!! Wait, nevermind. Short-lived crisis.

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