Still not pregnant . . .

but I do have an announcement.  As of today, I’ll be blogging for Patheos!  Bigger, wider audience, excellent company, and a great opportunity altogether.  If you’re not familiar with Patheos, it’s a huge sort of super site for religious writers of all stripes.  There are separate “portals” for various religions.  I’ll be writing for the “Sheesh, Does She Ever Stop Yapping About Herself”” portal.  Ha ha, just kidding — I’m in the Roman Catholic one, of course.

I’ll be blogging at the Register twice a week instead of three times, starting in July.  My blog will stay just the same, that it will be tucked inside a Patheos frame or what have you.

There are, as always in bloggy land, some kinks to iron out (by which I mean that every time I look at the instructions for how to do an RSS feed redirect, I die.  I just die).  I’m not sure when my blog archives will catch up with me, and I haven’t managed to do much personalization, beyond my dear old Venus of Willendorf, still sprawled in her comfy chair.  I’ll keep this blog live for a while, until I get things squared away.

Do come see me at Patheos! My first post just went up:  Honk honk!  Don’t leave me sad and lonely, honking at myself.


  1. That’s awesome! I haven’t read much off that site, but I’m falling in love with Bad Catholic because he writes just the awesomest stuff! I think they’ve made a good call in letting you in. 😉

  2. I’m good with that except that I detest the Disqus commenting platform – so much harder to just leave a quick comment. But wider audience is good since I always think people could use more Simcha in their lives!

  3. Yay! As always, I couldn’t leave a comment because technology HATES me.
    Your picture looks really pretty. It says “I’m liking this,” instead of “I’m just putting up with you,” like the one at the Register. 🙂

  4. I will follow you there. I liked both pictures on “Honk Honk” , especially the wolf one – maybe because this is how I feel sometimes, too.

  5. Congratulations! The Anchoress is very smart for bringing you on. I love to read your postings and many new people will now get to enjoy reading what you have to share too.

  6. Oh, dear. Congrats, but I will have to catch you at the Register … Patheos always crashes my browser with all its ridiculous popups.

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