Love-proof “love contracts”

Making marriage “risk-proof” is making marriage love-proof.



  1. It’s funny, I originally added a paragraph addressed to the inevitable male commenters who will complain that this kind of fairy tale idealism is all very well and good until you marry a typical American woman, who will castrate you, steal your money, and take your children away. I wanted to make it clear that I already KNOW that the system is, in some ways, stacked against men, but that didn’t make anything I said untrue.

    But then I realized that that kind of defensive writing is exactly what I was writing about, except with writing instead of marriage. You can’t misunderstanding-proof an essay. If you do, it becomes weak and unreadable. You have to accept that putting anything into words makes you vulnerable.

    Sorry, I know there’s nothing more tedious than writing about writing. But it’s a mistake that lots of writers make: trying to make sure they cover every possible misinterpretation and tangent ahead of time. Can’t be done. And if you try, you just crap the whole thing up, so what’s the point?

  2. I haven’t been able to access the register for two days either… looking forawrd to reading this when I can!

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