Why I’m Wearing This

Ohhh, I get ranty.



  1. THANK YOU!!! I spent literally 2.5 hours crying in a dressing room over BEAUTIFUL cotton shirts perfect for July… if you want everyone to see your BEIGE bra underneath. Hint to clothing manufacturers: if a BEIGE bra is visible beneath your material, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!

    WHY? Just, WHY? And also, what am I going to wear????

    So thank you, Simcha. #Solidarity

  2. Three weeks ago, I was wearing a somewhat sheer, cotton blouse (from Eddie Bauer C’mon!!) It had long sleeves with buttons at the wrists. I had to laugh because when I went to the sacristy, which is open to the Eucharistic chapel, (and the college kids were filing in for evening prayer) to ask my priest-friend of FORTY years a quick but personal question–he finally had to kick the sacristan out. She was glowering at me like I had already committed some kind of sin. I appreciate her protecting his priestly virtue, but her daily, sour demeanor leads me to believe that she has some crazy hell on her mind.
    Oh, and the Empanadas that they eat in Colombia are like delicious little half moon, corn meal pockets, stuffed with delectable meat. In Argentina, the dough is more like pastries. When they are topped with a sauce of cilantro lime and green onion, or Chimichurri sauce I become nearly beside myself.

  3. I knew it. I knew as soon as I saw the title that if I clicked over to the NCRegister site, I’d find a combox gone wild. And yet I still clicked; when will I learn?

    Simcha, I have no idea what your budget is, but over the last few years i found some perfect summer dresses from places like Boden, J. Jill, and Lands’ End which were sleeveless but wide enough to hide thick bra straps, made from loose-fitting cotton or linen thick enough not to need any kind of slip or camisole, and knee-lengthish. They were kind of pricy for my current clothing budget, but I gave up some other purchases and they were worth it, especially because they are well made. I wore one yesterday on a commuter train platform in 90 degree weather, and I felt pity for the men in their wool business suits.

  4. We live here in hot Florida. I have no need for modesty because I DO NOT GO WALKING AROUND NAKED OR dressing like poor white trash with my boom boom hanging out like you and many of y’all up there suggest. I don’t even wear a bikini or two piece like you all and I LIVE HERE. I take issue with many of you all because you write long long books about what is obvious, yet most women are beyond the obvious. Most people 95% get it way before you have to overstate this over and over again. Maybe you all need some maturity when you write. Dig deeper. I have been blogging for 10 years. You may not agree with me, but I have been here for 10 years. I just love how most blogger assume that everyone else is ABSOLUTELY STUPID AND HIDEOUS AND NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED ON THE UPSIDE OF THE HEAD IN BLOGGER PENANCE FOR BEING NOT AS SMART AS MANY OF YOU RECENT CONVERTS. Not everyone is unorthodox and not EVERYONE THINKS LIKE ALL THE CULT THINKING THAT HAS TAKEN wave in the church as a method of showing off to anyone but God, but to everyone else.
    We are not stupid and not everyone has a ticket to hell like everyone in so called orthodox Catholicism suggests. i think they have a ticket to common sense and more of a relationship than the show offs. I think there needs to be more articles about real prayer beyond the surface.

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