Parents as Catechists

Even if your parish is doing a good job, it’s still mainly your job!  And no, I am not above offering cash prizes to kids who memorize things.

Here are some of the books I recommended in my post.  As always, if you want to buy any of these books through Amazon, I would be most grateful if you would do it through these links!  I get a small percentage of each sale, which makes a huge difference in keeping our family afloat, especially during Birthday $ea$on.  (If you get to Amazon through one of these links and buy something else besides what I recommended, I still get credit for that purchase.)  Thank you!

St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1.  There are many editions of the Baltimore Catechism, but I have found that the St. Joseph ones are the most solid without being dry and pedantic.

Faith and Life series by Ignatius Press.  Our Heavenly Father is Book One; there are several in the series.

The Picture Bible – a cartoon version – by Iva Hoth

several by Tomie de Paola:  St. Benedict and Scholastica, St. Francis, St. Christopher, The Miracles of Jesus, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bible Stories, etc.

57 Saints for Boys and Girls



    • Yes! Marvel Comics had Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and Maximilian Kolbe. I don’t know if there were others, but those three were really good. Out of print, I think, but not too hard to find.

  1. Just read this article in Patheos and sent it to my DRE and pastors. Time for a comeback I say!!
    ” Repenting of the Failure of Parish-Based Catechesis: Time for An Old Idea
    Nice doesn’t mean good teaching and we urgently need some good teaching.”

    By Barbara R. Nicolosi, May 29, 2013

  2. Good resources all. I’m thinking about ordering the comic-style Bible, and I will use your link…it DOES go to the version in Spanish, but if you are sure you get the %, I’ll just click through to English. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    • Oops! Thanks for the heads up – I will fix that. It was a “let’s paint the downstairs with yogurt” kind of morning, so I’ll be glad if that was the worst error.

  3. Simcha, I was just going to get on researching this after reading Barbara’s piece yesterday. Thanks for posting this!

  4. IT is so true, it’s all about the parents! I went to a very secular public school and all 7 kids came out with our faith. It wasn’t some stellar CCD program, it was the prayer and example of my parents!

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