Seven Quick Takes: The Thing and the Other Thing, and so on up to seven


1.  Scott Richert is raising funds for the Rockford Area Pregnancy Care Center with a walk for life.  You may know Scott for his yeoman’s work on  I consult his Catholicism page all the time, and am very grateful for his clear and thorough information about the Church!  His fundraiser is on fire right now, and he has blown past several goals already.  If you want to get in on sending a lovely big check to this very worth cause, check out the RAPCC fundraising page.

2.  A couple of days ago, I shared an illuminating article, “The Sin of Adoption,” by Brianna Heldt.  It explores the ins and outs of international adoption, and how Catholics, evangelicals, and non-religious people respond to the insanely complicated nuances and, well, complications of the issue.  It was responding to a rather nasty article in called “Orphan Fever” published in Mother Jones.  Darwin Catholic has posted a response by another Catholic, who does a good job of “poking some holes” in the Mother Jones article.  Very interesting stuff!  I can’t help feeling grateful that it’s extremely unlikely our family ever has to make our way through a minefield like international adoption.  These articles raise my esteem even higher for couples who do manage to fight their way through.

3.  Today is the feast day of one of my favorite saints (and one of my husband’s patrons), Fr. Damien of Molokai.


His feast day is not on the day of his death, as is traditional — apparently so that it wouldn’t fall during Lent.  Here’s a short introduction to this wonderful saint, who volunteered, as a young priest, to minister to the lepers who were quarantined on a squalid island and living like animals.  I have heard that no one else dared to come to the island, because leprosy is so contagious; so when Fr. Damien wanted to go to confession, he had to shout across the water to another priest who was safely in a rowboat.  I always imagined the conversation like this:

Fr. Damien:  Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  I lost my temper, and was impatient . . .
Confessor:  What?
Fr. Damien:  I said I lost my temper, and I was impatient!
Confessor:  What?

4.  Have I ever told you about the joys of raising little girls?  The ones at home are 17 months, 4, and 5.  I usually do my writing in the morning, and they pal around together, doing the things that little girls do — you know, dress up in princess dresses, quietly swipe my camera, lie down in the driveway and pretend to be dead, quietly put my camera back . . .


5.  My husband stopped working for a certain newspaper back in January.  If you have any experience with a newspaper office, you may realize that they are not necessarily on the cutting edge of technology.


They had this system, for instance, where they would print out a draft of the paper and then pass from the editorial office to the production office through a hole in the floor.  Sometimes it would get stuck, so they had a special stick just for poking it through.  So, the other day, they called him up out of the blue, asking him to mail him the key to the office, which they claim he never returned.  He suggested that they just make a copy of their existing key.  They said, “You can’t just do that!” And they’re right, you can’t.  There’s no such thing as Home Depot.  No such thing!!!!  (They also said, when he suggested putting video clips on their website, that if people wanted to see video, they’d watch TV.  So there you are.)  Mamas, don’t let your children grow up to be journalists.  Unless your children are jerks and have it coming.

6.  I now have two bumper stickers on my car!  One is for my kids’ school (and I can’t tell you how moved I was when one of the board members suggested I put one on.  I always assumed they’d rather keep that affiliation quiet.)  The other one is this one:


Well, this is the cropped version I can manage to upload, because I am a technological moron today.  The actual bumper sticker is the entire word “COEXIST,” with the little baby in the O.  I got it as a gift from Arina Grossu, and I love it.  I can’t figure out who’s selling them, though.  On the sticker, it says “Isa-Life Productions.”  Anyone know anything about them?  And yes, now that I have a pro-life bumper sticker on my car, I’ve been a little more careful not to drive like such an ass.  In fact, I was formerly in the habit of driving with my ass.  And they gave me a ticket for it!  Now what am I supposed to do?  Say, “I’m sorry, your honor, I’m not as limber as I used to be?”

7.  This week, I’ve lost more friends on Facebook than I can ever remember doing, and I’m not even sure why.  I guess I’ve been pretty rude and pushy, suspicious and nasty, and have taken things in the worst possible way.  To anyone I’ve offended with my words this week, please consider this my apology to you:



  1. Thank you for the kind words, Simcha, and even more so for the plug for this incredibly worthy cause. After 30 years, the Rockford abortuary—one of the worst in the nation—shut down last year. RAPCC is committed to making sure that every expectant mother in the area has the support—monetary, medical, and emotional—so that she does not feel the pressure to consider abortion.

  2. Hi Simcha,

    Isa-Life Productions and the very excellent coexist bumper sticker are the cottage brainchild/ industry of my daughter, Isabel Pope.

    Isabel was 17 when she conceived of the sticker last summer: stuck in sweaty, going-no-where Ann Arbor traffic, surrounded by a sea of “COEXIST” bumper stickers. Isabel said to me, “I don’t think they mean it.”
    “Mean what?”, says me.
    “I don’t think they mean COEXIST. Planned Parenthood is right down the street. Not too many people seem to care that babies are NOT coexisting there.”

    Then she went on to describe what a REAL co-exist bumper sticker would look like. Voila. You have it on your car, Simcha.

    it took a while, but the bumper sticker finally saw the light of day this winter, just in time for Father Pavone’s Roe v Wade anniversary visit to our parish, St Thomas in Ann Arbor. Father Pavone said of the sticker, “It really challenges the liberal vernacular without being combative.”

    Isabel has sold a few bumper stickers, but she would like to sell more.

    i logged in on facebook. anyone who wants a pro-life co-exist bumper sticker can message me there.

    blessings all!
    monica pope

  3. As usual thanks for the links. I always get something new to subscribe to or perhaps donate to worthy causes. As an aside, my youngest brother studied to be a Journalist. Apparently that was not to be his career so he became a lawyer instead.

  4. What a great bumpersticker! I sort of swore off bumperstickers a while back, but that one is a gem. I had thought of one which would read: “PEACE in the WOMB, with the “O” being the planet earth. It reminds me of what Mother Teresa said about the connection of nuclear war with abortion.
    Simcha, when I first started reading your stuff, I got such a big kick out of your bumperturds post. My Mom would blame that on my Polish blood. She would DEFINITELY blame the fact that I laughed till I cried from your Facebook “thank you” on my Dad’s side of the family too.
    Do you actually *like* Facebook? I find that it puts pressure on me to be social when I don’t feel like caring about all the blather.
    Happy Mothers Day to everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Didn’t know you were on FB — now I’m going to look you up! And thank you for the links about adoption. After reading the Mother Jones article, I’ve been stewing about Joyce’s reporting methods and her perceptions of Christians. Some of us, even though we are Christians, simply wanted to be parents, thus: adoption!

  6. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t accidentally deleted my audio driver on the computer so I could hear that clip!

    Every so often I lose friends on facebook. I find it is a poor medium for communicating ideas. Also I have lots of friends (or did) from college who find my prolife thoughts to be offensive. Once I got unfriended b/c I posted that I couldn’t support Obama despite the fact that I am a born lefty (this was election#1) and she decided I must hate all gay people b/c I was suspicious of Obama and pro-life. Another didn’t like that I posted a link to a conservative newspaper and unfriended me when I asked if the source matters when the story is true. These are very smart people we are talking about. Something about Facebook makes us so petty sometimes…..

    And then there are the times I get all up in a lather and offend the friends of my friends….Just talk about modesty, or ushers in church, and that is it.

    My point is that we have alllll been there.

  7. I didn’t unfriend you….I am however deleting my FB account as soon as I manage to get my pics downloaded that I don’t have saved anywhere else. Not because of you, in fact, you will be one of the people I miss reading about. 😦

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