Let Loose the Kraken

Ray Harryhausen, master of the stop motion animation in Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts has died.  Tom McDonald has the scoop.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes, right down to the pouring forth of the ketchup at the end:

That hairy, herky-jerky stop motion look is a thousand times more sinister and otherwordly than smooth-as-silk computer animation, innit?  It’s like the monsters are moving in a slightly different kind of air from everyone else, which is as it ought to be.  RIP.



  1. Thanks for announcing this; I hadn’t heard. Jason and the Argonauts was the first non-Disney movie that I went to as a child. I think I was five years old. Those skeletons erupting out of the ground, the harpies, and the bronze giant Talos made quite an impression. Years later I got the VHS tape of Jason for my kids, and we later expanded to Clash of the Titans. Because of these and the D’Aulaire book of Greek Myths, my kids spent many summers playing Greek gods and goddesses in the backyard. This was one of the few areas in which my brood fit the mold of the classically educated homeschooler. They might have been hopeless with kiddie Latin and poetry memorization, but by golly, they could be culturally literate after school with the best of them.
    Your post has inspired me to order them on DVD, so when my grandkids are old enough, three generations can enjoy them together.

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