So long, and thanks for all the intersex fish!

Okay, the title doesn’t quite make sense, but I couldn’t resist.  Anyway, it makes more sense than people who eat organic food, but scream in outrage when someone tries to make them pay for their own carcinogenic, water-polluting hormones.



  1. I’m an accountant, and it appears to me that people buy lifestyle items for hype reasons alone. Some highly-paid shill comes across with wheat germ, and it sells. The only reason why really bad things go over really big is that the costs involved are underplayed, and the benefits exaggerated. The reason for this is what I’ve come to understand as “La Vie en Rose” syndrome. The same way post-war weary europeans slavered over Edith Piaf, like to die, they are sold to lifestyle enhancements a la amway everyday in the 21st C. “Clean means ready, willing and able to love.” Equivalently: “Ready, Willing, Able to die for one’s loves.” I watch Raymond in the barber chair, and I see, “we’re not ready.”

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