Who is to blame for Kermit Gosnell?

It’s not enough to sputter in outrage when people blame pro-lifers — we have to have answers.



  1. Also fabulous is when pro-choice people talk about how great it is in Europe. I live in Scandinavia, and it’s true that abortion is not controversial here, it’s free (unless you go to a private clinic), and surgical abortions are performed at hospitals. BUT only until 12 weeks and only if you are over 18 or your parents’ permission. Otherwise you have to apply and have a reason. An application involves an ultrasound, a 1 hour meeting with a social worker, possibly also a meeting with a psychiatrist, and then you wait about a week or so while they review your case. And it’s not an automatic yes – there’s also an appeals procedure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a blight on the health service, but if only it was that restrictive in the US!

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