I didn’t do anything.




  1. I am so so sorry your back hurts. This piece is so right on the nose, Simcha. I need it. Thank you! 


  2. I’m sorry, too. All the good advice in the world sounds pretty lame when you’re hurting. I will pray for you: there’s some rosaries and a few daily masses on the horizon. But in particular, I will meditate on the sufferings of Christ today, and offer a physical abnegation on your behalf. You are in my prayers, Simcha, but also in our hearts.

  3. Here I am offering prayers and sacrifice like a hollow drum, but I’ve failed to ask if there’s anything you need. In today’s gospel, we hear how the apostolic Church “held all things in common.” Do you need anything?

  4. Check your computer chair. I worked a lot in front of the computer for some pregnancies (granted pregnancy is not a factor for you at the moment, it seems, but still) and had terrible tailbone pain and sciatica with one that made it really hard to walk. If you spend a lot of time your chair, that could be it. It’s hard to exercise during the winter. Try a different chair that makes you sit another way but still has padding, does NOT jiggle, supports your back. Something like that.

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