The Rescue

Kind of a weird  post for two days after Easter, but there you go.  I have this icon over my computer desk.

More about Passover and Easter later!  There is a crazy little girl turning four years old today, and there is a cake to be made.



  1. Please tell her”happy birthday”, and that four-year-old little girls are the *BEST*! Mine turned four about two weeks ago too.

  2. I wanted to comment on how oddly beautiful was the artwork for your NCR Good Friday post. At first I thought it depicted the roots of a massive tree which had been caught in a revelatory configuration. Then it seemed as if it were sinews twisted around a heart pierced by a sword. Then, given the Good Friday theme, it occurred that it might actually represent a cancerous growth, signaling a life-changing passion. I hope the implicit message is not that you or anyone in your family is undergoing that kind of angst. I could let it go and move on to Easter joy, except that spectre is haunting me. Happy Birthday sweet 16^(1/2). (That’s a math wonk joke.)

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