Start your week off right . . .

with a little comeuppance.

Now pretend the silver cowboy is Pope Francis, and the guy in the purple shirt is saying, “Um, scuze me, let me tell you what true humility is like!  Um, Your Holiness, don’t you realize that there’s no possible way to lead the Church when you’re not in ermine?  Um, Frankie-boy, whatcha doing washing the feet of women, huh, huh?  You do realize you’re bringing about the ruin of Christendom, right?  Now if you’d just read this blog post I wrote, you’ll see the error of your ways . . .”

Feel better, dontcha?  And now back to Lent.


  1. Someone’s got to tell me (on not?!) about what the scuttlebutt is around Pope Francis. I am thrilled and just want to keep learning more about him but we don’t have a TV and I don’t have tons of time to scour the internet. I’ve been reading some things from EWTN and Catholic News Agency to feel in the loop but I see from your blog that there are already some wet blankets! Seriously. Here I am thinking I’m saving myself grief by not reading secular news sites leading to the election and now afterwards our own Catholic bretheren are already sizing him up? *sigh*

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