Happy birthday, Ezra Jack Keats!

If you can believe it, his very first book was the exquisite The Snowy Day

I love the sense of quiet alertness conveyed with those blocks of color,


love that giant Mama,


love the simple portraits of the little sorrows and the great joys of childhood.


This was one of the first children’s books about a black kid.

More seasonable, another of my favorites illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats is Over in the Meadow:


My favorite counting song, so cozy and satisfying, and the pictures are intense and unforgettable.




Happy birthday, Ezra Jack Keats!   Thanks for all the colors.


  1. One of my favorites!! I also like the one, I can’t remember the name, where the little boy decides to run away from home because all of his baby things are being repainted for his little sister….

    • “Peter’s Chair”! We love Ezra Jack Keats too – and “The Snowy Day” is exactly seasonal for us right now, as the one inch forecast turned out to be nearly a foot…

  2. I love that book — we are a multi-racial family through adoption, and it’s vital to have artfully illustrated books featuring people of color that aren’t issue-oriented or about skin color. There is a place for the “issue” books, but the beauty of The Snowy Day is that it’s just about a kid and his experience of the snowy day. Happy birthday, EJK!

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