Strange goings-on in the secular media

I wrote today’s post (including one of my favorite photos on the entire internet) entirely on my new laptop and YES IT KILLED ME.  Wah wah, poor me, I have a brand new machine and I wasn’t born knowing how to use it, and I had to trim my fingernails so I would stop skidding around on the keyboard so much.  Question:  why has there been no legislation to  mandate a flashing red “UNDO” button on all computer programs, or whatever you young parsons call them?



  1. I feel your pain–things should be getting easier, not more convoluted. However, keyboard shortcuts are clutch:

    ctrl+z is pretty universal for any program that has an undo feature (or ⌘+z for mac users)

  2. Congratulations on your obtaining a new laptop. I had to get rid of my netbook with Win7 Starter. The screen was too small and I had to squint. My new machine is a 15 inch laptop with Windows 8 built in.

  3. I’m using my husband’s laptop right now. The power button is now two wires sticking out because #4 did I-have-know-idea-what to it.
    Hotwiring the computer is preferable to my laptop which now won’t type the letter “H”, because #6 and #7 play awful games which require the pounding of a key to beat the bad guy. Both computers are prone to instant shut down for other mysterious computer reasons. I’m too resigned to be mad.
    When I grew up, if you did something particularly odious, you were subject to “the spanking machine” in which you had to pass between the legs of your siblings and have your butt whacked.
    All of the people in the photos you posted are in need of the spanking machine.

  4. You can always try ctrl+z 🙂

    A couple of years ago I was working on an experiment and a colleague asked why I was writing my data by hand and I responded that I didn’t want to hassle with moving a computer to the experiment. A few moments later when I realized I had a systematic issue with the way I was writing the data my colleague shouted, “where’s your control z now?!” Since then I’ve never forgotten the “undo” features in most windows programs.

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