Start your week off right

With Two Minutes of Nothing But Goats Yelling Like Humans!



  1. My friend posted this on my Facebook wall the other day. It made me laugh to the point of gasping, but the best part was when my 21 month old starting mimicking the goats while watching the video. I’m sensing a spin-off.

  2. I posted that on facebook last night! I just about herniated something when that goat in the second clip (I think it’s actually a sheep) screamed like a lady! Too too funny! especially since I spent two hours sitting in the barn yesterday with a goat that we thought was in labor. since we don’t have any new kids even now, almost 24 hours later, I guess she wasn’t in labor.

  3. Well, this has certainly added some entertainment value to the book of “what do the animals say?” that my 1-y-o wants to hear over and over. I used to be able to read on autopilot, but now the 6 and 3 y-o want more entertaining sound effects. Handy that that video allows me to jazz up both the sheep and the goat pages.

  4. That was hilarious!! I’ve never heard goats and sheep yell like that, lol!! The one around the middle of the clip sounded pitiful but funny. This made my day!!

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