Fixing the classics?

Yay, a book post!  And not a very carefully thought out one, either.

Here are the books I’m recommending (kinda) in today’s post.  As always, if you’re thinking of shopping through Amazon, I’d be grateful if you’d use the links in this post!  I get small percentage of each sale, which I use to try to persuade my children that they’re having a happy childhood.



    • Hmm. . . probably at least age 10, maybe 12 The language is so flowery and convoluted. Older kids will get much more out of the ideas in it, too. You might want to start with The Light Princess – it’s a long short story or a short novel, I guess, and is somewhat less intense (except for the end!).

      • Oh, thank you! That was my sense when I read the excerpt as well. We are reading the Little Princess right now and while they understand the gist, I have to explain a lot of the language. I will check out The Light Princess. Thanks!

  1. I just finished reading to the kids (ages 3 to 9) the recent Gillian Cross adaptation of the Odyssey. I highly recommend it. The story was engaging, the kids begged for it every night, and the older 2 got frustrated with how long it was taking me to complete it that they finished it both on their own. The adaptation keeps much of the colorful language of the better translations (e.g., “the wine-dark Aegean,” and references to Poseidon as “the Earthshaker”). The illustrations are also very well done. It’s a great gateway to Greek mythology. Best of all, I can now reference the Lotus-Eaters when my son spends his whole day playing Minecraft!

    (I tried keeping your referral link in the link above; if it doesn’t work, feel free to modify.)

  2. My 8 yo and 11 yo girls both really enjoy the MacDonald books. I don’t think they are too hard for the 8-yo ..she may not understand every single thing, but she definitely enjoys reading them a lot.

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