Lenten Rookie Mistakes

And yes, I’ve learned each and every one of these the hard way.

In other news, my kids are home for a snow day, and my husband IS HOME, WORKING FROM HOME because of the storm. This has never happened before.  He’s ten feet away from me, typing and calling people and reviewing interviews and looking stuff up.  I can’t tell you how much I love this, except that I love it so much that I’m not even mad at the kids for suddenly understanding that they need to be all quiet and respectful because Daddy is working.  Which is unlike when Mama is working, because, um, something something.

Oh, it’s because I’m the Mama!  That actually makes perfect sense.



  1. I got to watch my husband work from home a couple of weeks ago. He generally hates to do this, but kindly did so to be supportive of me, even though my Mom was doing an overkill job already. I was laid up in bed feeling a bit miserable, but I have to admit, watching him attend business meetings on the phone was really sexy. (sorry, it was!) Husbands should work from home every once in a while, for obvious reasons.

  2. I guess I’m spoiled – my husband has been working at home for the last 13 years. At first he worked in the garage (sans autos), then we bought a place which had an outbuilding that could be converted to an office. He gets peace (and hot meals and good coffee), the kids get entertainment when he needs a break and I get marital affection throughout the day (which keeps me from killing the kids). He feels isolated sometimes since his job doesn’t require him speaking with any live bodies and he’s a pretty gregarious guy. Sometimes the only adult he talks to for weeks is me (not that I’m chopped-liver). But then he hears friends complain about their bosses and co-workers and that puts it in some perspective. I feel pretty lucky, but it seems normal. My parents owned a business and worked together 24/7 for 45 years.

  3. My husband has been up early and out late since before we were married. Now after 14 years, he’s just moved to working from a home office! I am sooo enjoying this and so are the kids! Also, the post on Lent was great 😀

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