I’ll be on Al Kresta’s radio show this afternoon

around 5:05, talking to Monica Migliorino Miller about the use of graphic abortion photos.  I am not super great on the radio — I tend to pant — so a quick prayer is appreciated that it will be a fruitful and not-too-humiliating conversation.



  1. Al is a sweetie & they can’t take away your birthday. Just pretend you’re explaining your thoughts to the people who love you! After all, we read you & listen to him, so…..

  2. prayers. lots and lots of prayers. The thing about graphic images, is that although they may work in some cases, in our ever violent society, they now just turn people off. As pro-life people we should CONSTANTLY be asking ourselves what is the MOST effective way of getting people to see the beauty of life that begins at conception. And, graphic posters are clearly not the most effective way. Thank you for having the courage to speak to that. I read through some of the comments on your ‘8 reasons’ posts and was shocked at the way you were sometimes attacked. I appreciate you often taking the beating in order to spread the truth and spread the love of Christ…or, in this case, to advance the cause of the pro-life movement so that the legal killing of children will stop. BE strong, do what is right, and know that I am confident that Jesus is very grateful for your ministry.

  3. This will be my first-ever hearing of this radio station, Simcha! I see that I can listen “live” online. Thanks! 


  4. Oh my! Freudian slip saying “argument” versus “discussion” 🙂 Why does Miller keep interrupting you? Goodness gracious!

  5. Simcha, thank you so much for going on Al’s show. I think you made good points. I wasn’t expecting them to team up on you like they did and I’m frankly disappointed in Al. You handled it like a saint, good job (especially when Al brought up the Eucharist).

  6. That was ridiculous! “Maybe we shouldn’t take the Eucharist everyday?”….give me a break! That was a failure on the moderators part; he should have kept it a discussion, instead of letting/encouraging it to become a argument/conflict….

  7. I listened to you by chance, since I try to catch Al Kresta’s show as often as I can.
    1) You did get double teamed a couple times. I think that reflects Al’s passion on the issue. He has also been knee deep on the front lines for many years. You handled yourself well. Not saying I don’t agree with them, but you did well.
    2) I have been out there with one of the graphic signs, in an organized campaign, not at an abortion clinic. It was done as respectfully as possible, given the nature of the signs. I had someone come up to me arguing about how “sick the sign was”, “what are we doing out here?”, “it’s a woman’s issue”, “I don’t care, I’d do the abortion myself”, “etc, etc”.
    After 45 minutes of conversation (I did manage to get it down to a conversation) I had him at least to the point of objecting to abortion after the first trimester. He started at “any time, any reason”. I don’t think he would have even bothered to stop except for the graphic nature of the signs.
    3) I am excited to actually “read” your blog post, as Al’s show was the first I heard about it. I haven’t checked your blog in a couple months.
    4) Not saying you’re wrong (cause I don’t even know what you’ve written yet) but there is definitely a place and time for the graphic images. Hopefully most groups that would use them are as respectful as “possible”. Respectful of both the images portrayed and the audience that they are addressed towards. A good example is the Pro-Life Action League which hosts a “Face The Truth” tour a couple times a year. The “tour” is NOT at abortion clinics. They post “warning signs” in advance of where the graphic images are displayed. They attempt to engage in “respectful” dialogue.
    5) Overall I thought you held your own. Of course, I think highly of you (from what I’ve read on your blog), and either way it might have gone, you’re still awesome! 🙂

  8. Dear Simcha, I thought you were terrific. Unfortunately I was shocked and saddened by what I deemed Monica Miller’s shrill voice and defensive posture. I have admired articles by Dr. Miller which I have read in the past and found her engaging and informative in other radio formats—Teresa Tomeo’s show for example. She sounded different this evening, however, rude and even patronizing at times, “Well, Simcha……” I truly think you held the high ground in terms of both demeanor and substance. Bravo!

    Unfortunately because I was listening to you in the car before 5:30 mass I had to leave before the interview was over. I also need to say I have not yet read your article in the NCR although I plan to do so. This means I don’t know whether a question I have wanted to ask the pro graphic images contingent was posed either on the Al Kresta Show or in your NCR article. The question is this: Are you are in favor of graphic images for example of teenagers killed in drunken driving accidents? It’s arguable that these could be used to portray the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption mixed with driving. Or again of graphic images of soldiers killed in Iraq to show the very real price of war? I have always been relieved that national papers like the New York Times are generally fairly discreet in their battle aftermath photos. I gather they do this out of deference—yes, to the sensibilities of the readers—but also to the families of the dead soldier/s and most importantly of all to the soldiers themselves. If we truly believe that a fetus is a person why do we not give him or her the same respect we give someone’s mangled teenage daughter or bullet ridden dead son?

    Now on to read your article in the NCR, Simcha, but again, bravo. You are a brave and articulate woman. Thank you for voicing many of my own concerns which are not about the utterly right on target objectives of the pro life movement but rather of some of its tactics.

  9. I don’t listen to Al very often because I’m at work at that time but today I happened to have plans and left the office early so I caught some of it. First time hearing your voice, Simcha, loved to match your face with your voice! I think the other guest should have been reigned in some by Al. I was very disappointed that he let her run all over you like that. She rarely let you finish your thoughts. Shame on Al for allowing that for almost the whole program. You held you own, though, in spite of it. Hope to catch you some more!

  10. The difference between Simcha’s point  and Al’s just-plain-unacceptable parting swipe about Holocaust victims (I was so disappointed by that) and the above commenter’s parallel to dead teens killed by drunk driving is that no one debates the Holocaust and drunk driving are bad. No one can be pro-choice on genocide and/or teenage drunk driving AND be presentable in public. Not so with abortion. (Why, Lord? Why?) Active public debate and myriad personal contexts change the rules of engagement, which seems to be the position that occasioned Simcha’s invite and then became the point that was most talked over…and there was competition for that honor. 

    I love Al Kresta and I respect Dr. Miller enough to assume they just let their righteous passion for the subject get the better of their politeness in terms of the one-sidedness of the conversation.

    Simcha, I admired the way you handled yourself. Thanks for showing those of us who suffer from clinical gracelessness and uncharity (i.e., me) how it’s done.

    • Found it on iTunes. I realize I’ve been mispronouncing your name all this time, oops! Also I have never heard of either Al or this Dr Miller but my first impression of them isn’t a very good one. I had to stop listening they list their effectiveness when they started talking about using the baby images like the crucifix. Nonsense! I agree with your position and I think you handheld yourself quite well. Also you have a very wise sounding voice just as I would expect the mother of nine to have. 🙂

  11. I heard the first half of the interchange on Immaculate Heart radio. Generally I am impressed with Al Kresta and I thank him for setting up the discussion but he needs to work on his moderating skills. I believe both he and Dr. Miller owe Simcha an apology. I will be reading her article as soon as I find it. Both Simcha and Dr. Miller raised good points but I agree with Simcha. I am a 55 year old mother of three.While in graduate school a friend of mine shared with me that she nearly committed suicide after seeing her newborn niece 2 weeks after her own abortion- did she need to be ambushed with pictures of aborted babies? Perhaps if she had been handed these pictures on her way in to the clinic she might have turned around as Dr. Miller suggests but that is different than a sign carried in a march. Secondly, while listening to Dr. Miller make pronouncements and Simcha give respectful responses I began to wonder what kind of sign Jesus would carry in the March for Life or the Walk for Life West Coast (the pro-life demonstration that I attend every year). I believe that these images are powerful and certainly the truth but we are constantly being told that we are anti -women and being in your face with these images adds fuel to that particular fire. We are to speak the truth in love – the murdered children rest now with the God who is love- we can only speak to the mothers left behind who at some level know that they have killed their children. We must be guided by the Holy Spirit in our conversations- both public and private. I think that pictures of living (or at least undamaged) fetuses are a better place to start. I thank God that Dr. Miller has honored these small martyrs with her pictures and her zeal but I believe that there is not a one size fits all approach to the use of these images.

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