1. Yes on the weapon; yes on the “last resort.” Sorry I turned into *that commenter. It is partly my strong opinions and partly the periodic distraction from the aftermath of death-and-burial.

  2. Thank you so much for this thoughtful post, particularly when it comes to children who may see these images. My husband was studying theology at ND when Obama came as the graduation speaker. For weeks in advance the protesters surrounded the campus, carrying very graphic and disturbing signs. When I picked up my sons (ages 3 and 4) from the campus preschool, I got stuck at a traffic light where the protesters were holding signs, and my boys shrieked “RED BABIES! Mommy, what happened??”. I went back later without my children and tried to reason with the protesters that the traffic from this less-used lane in and out of campus was bound to be mostly from the preschool, They were not at all sympathetic to my opinion that parents should be able to decide what kinds of images their children would view and when. There was also an airplane that hovered over campus for hours every day with a graphic sign trailing behind it. The children in the family housing complex playground would look up and want to know what was on that sign, and the more visually astute could tell it was a dead baby. Nearly 5 years later, my children have forgotten this, but I’m sure that other children who saw this could be spiritually harmed by it.

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