Praying as a couple

As part of an ongoing “giving good advice as a method of forcing oneself to follow it so as not to be a complete  hypocrite” series.  Stay tuned for “Ten Reasons Good Catholics Aren’t Eating Ring Dings Today” and “You People Should Really Clean the Porch.”



  1. Man, would you quit it with the light heresy already? In the “Yes and No” post you make the case that Jesus was actually two separate people sharing a skin suit, now you’re saying that if two people mumble some magical words in front of a priest this tricks the Holy Spirit into thinking they’re one person? You can have dualism or monism but not both.
    Thanks for this post. I’ve been recently feeling the lack of my initiation of prayer with my wife and your post was a great encouragement to fight this particular form of spiritual sloth.

  2. I’ve loved that bit about the Holy Spirit really taking that “two become one” thing seriously ever since the first time you wrote it! It’s true too; my dh can get to daily Mass way more often than I can and I can often see the graces of that at work in my life.

  3. Thank you for this. Our prayer life has been a bit hit and miss recently. We usually pray parts of the Office to start and finish the day but it has just gone to pot since Christmas. Yesterday and this morning we got back on track. And, last night, as my husband always falls asleep before me, I spent a few minutes praying silently for him. I didn’t get put off by the snores either!

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