I love you all.

Well, yesterday was a pretty great day for me.  This is how December’s stats shaped up:

december stats

Now, my blog generates no revenue whatsoever, no matter how many clicks I get; but even if it did, that’s not what I’m talking about.  It was the astonishing outpouring of support and encouragement that made it just completely wonderful.  So many people took the time to write a letter to my editor — and boy, I know how busy people are right now!  That in itself was fantastic.

But what struck me most of all was how articulate, sincere, witty, and above all happy you all sound.  And then you sent me personal emails, messaged me, passed the word on Facebook and Twitter, and left encouraging comments everywhere encouraging comments could be left.  You guys.  I don’t even know what to say.  I’m just so glad to have people like you for my friends.

And it doesn’t hurt to have an endlessly generous, indefatigable, angry Irish combox berzerker like Mark Shea gallantly drawing off some of the crazybrain fire.  And then one of the funniest, most insightful, most crap-cutting cultural commentators I’ve seen in a long time, Tom McDonald references Spartacus and The Big Lebowski (well, there was a nice marmot, anyway) on my behalf.  I . . .  I now feel able to stand tall against the scathing disapprobation of, um, Spirit Daily.  And Pewsitter.  And Selfrigithous Marmot-Fanciers United for the Magnesium.

Also, Al and Chuck’s Gay Travel Blog is getting a huge bump in traffic this week.  They must be so damn confused right now.

Oh, happy, happy Advent to all of you.


  1. hi simcha, I do love how happy-and hate filled you and your supporters are all at the same time. You viciously attack Mike voris then beg for help from your readers when you are called on it. And of course Mr. shea and his hate was unleashed……but they are happy, peppy, people because they agree with your brand of slander and bigotry.

    Mr. voris has not said a word toward you but you sill have posts up attacking him as a possible homosexaul, attacking how he looks, and attacking him as a person.

    Find a mirror simcha….you might find something you never expected – a bigot.

    • I think what you meant to write was “Voris still has up videos insinuating that Bp. Mulvey was part of a gay Catholic cabal for disciplining the outrageously disobedient Fr. Corapi and the Jerk made fun of Voris’ impenitent slander of a good bishop”. Can you guys *be* a more thin-skinned, hypocritical and butthurt pack of bullies? Grow up.

      • Mark, You are a very insightful person. Can you help me understand all this. Both you and Simcha have slandered in a lot of ways people who like Michael Voris (we are a cult, cancer, a “rag-tag group of traddies”, flying monkeys,and so on.)

        By the way I work at a Catholic parish and because of this have pulled all the EWYN flyers we have on our information tables and at a meeting in Jan. with all the directors of religious ed will be asking them to remove all the EWTN info from their parishes because two writers for the EWTN owned paper continually slander and mock believeing Catholics.

        I would never as the Register not to print your or simcah’s work. You are a free American so is Simcha and the Register is an independent paper.
        But I will not let my parish promote the parent company of the Register if the slander and hate you and Simcha have for us is what the Register and EWTN think of average Catholics. And I have a responsibility to share this information with all the other DRE’s in our Diocese.

        Mr. voris has never attacked you or Simcha. Would you read this letter from Mike below and tell me why this retreat is so evil?

        Hello Frank,

        Thank you for your kind words and support.

        We are very much looking forward to the retreat as are the nearly 100 people who have signed up in the past few weeks. So many are coming, in fact, that we have had to go line to the cruise line to ask for more rooms. We are putting together what we think will be a wonderful opportunity for meditation and reflection during the Year of Faith, with a concentration on The Blessed Mother, The Scriptures and The Sacraments, in addition to The Church in the Modern World.

        We are also VERY excited that many many Catholics who up to this point, have not known each other, will have the chance to BE catholic with each other and develop what almost assuredly will become lasting friendships despite some great distances once they return home. We have people coming from Europe, Asia and Oceania, which is wonderful.

        They are coming because they want their faith to be reinvigorated, and emboldened – to meet, in short, others in The Communion of Saints. The presence of priests on board for Mass, Confession, talks and private guidance is literally a God-send. And one additional consideration – our cruise organizers have said they only with rare exception due members of the crew ever get to attend Mass because of their very long work hours. So we are going to open up our Masse for them and try to also have additional Masses said for them, in case some of them cannot attend Mass during our regular schedule.

        And you may be certain, that with 100+ solid Catholics on board, it wont be surprising, we hope, to see some perhaps wayward or lax Catholics, or others of good faith be invited to sit in on a conference or two. What added benefits of holding a retreat where other non-retreatant passengers can learn about the faith in the formal setting of a conference, or informally just talking with them casually over dinner.

        Thank you again for the opportunity to share our excitement.

        GOD Bless,


        • With respect, you have *no* interest in “understanding all this”. You are a Kool-Aid drinker. Your “question” is utterly insincere. And the proof of it is your draconian and thin-skinned response to tweaking your Cult Leader’s nose. The man’s bread and butter consists of ginning up cowards like you to “bravely” attack, not actual enemies of the Faith, but fellow faithful Catholics. Hopefully, one of these days you will see how much evil you and your faction are doing, beginning with your choice to punish a good newspaper because one writer made a joke at the expense of a pack of bullying Pharisees like you.

        • You are really confusing me.

          Mark’s pointed out half a dozen ways Voris has slandered and attacked fellow Catholics – and that’s a-ok in your book.

          On the other hand, you would deprive your parish of good, completely unrelated catechetical materials because a couple of bloggers on an EWTN owned web portal seem uncharitable to you?

          I like Mark and Simcha. They are occasionally intemperate – Mark especially (sorry Mark, it’s true!) but, heck, that’s not news to either of them. I’ve seen them each apologize frequently when they’ve been charitably corrected for crossing the line. I’m glad they haven’t stopped writing as a result, because that same humility that keeps them putting themselves out there warts and all results in some of the most soul-searching, genuine, and merciful spiritual writing as well.

          I thought the Jerk’s post was over the line. But Simcha’s register article was not, in any way. It poked mild fun at something that is actually pretty funny – the idea of a cruise in lent is kind of mind-boggling to us ordinary un-monied folks – but quickly admitted to a desire to channel that kneejerk reaction towards something good. This is how personal growth towards holiness progresses, you know – you recognize your weakness, you temper yourself, you refocus. It is bewildering to me why the combox should then fill up with people, like yourself, determined to stop and destroy that process by putting a good woman’s livelihood at risk.

          Honestly, some of the things people wrote in that comments box (and maybe you were one of them, maybe not, I couldn’t really say) seem pretty much designed to entrench as much bitterness, dislike, and repulsion towards Voris and his fans as possible. And that, actually, *personally* (not speaking for Shea or Simcha) is why I dislike Voris. He speaks in absolutes – if you’re not the kind of Catholic he thinks you should be, he doesn’t just want you to lose your job (well, if you’re a bishop he does…) but he wants you out of the Church. If you are the wrong kind of Catholic, he won’t poke fun at you, he’ll deny your Catholicism.

          I’ll take Mark and Simcha – who will ridicule, but never reject – over that any day.

        • And, by the way, I think this is the third time you have promulgated the First Epistle of St. Michael to Frank. Give it a rest.

    • repent, thank you for your responses. I cannot believe this person is actually doing all this and then begging for help and then posting about the traffic to the site. I find it also weird that people who take issue with the mean-spirited stuff are then labeled as “being sent” somehow by the other person, as if people with common sense, reading all of the posts would not feel obligated on their own to do something! I do think the blogging phenomenon must not really lend to self-reflection and owning up to wrongs, people get so buys just defending and attacking. Its so impersonal and impersonal at the same time. To me it boils down to “is it possible and reasonable for a Catholic online newspaper to have journalistic/blogger standards?” I honestly think it is very odd that a Catholic newspaper would have a blogger whose other internet presence has a logo of a fertility goddess/idol (I know a small thing but odd), who sells pants with the word “dignity” across the rear and a “pants pass” which took me a while to figure out. But the content on that other blog is frankly pretty vicious and raunchy, especially if you go back and read other posts about Sean Connery’s private parts etc.,…so why? why not pass on that particular blogger for your Catholic newspaper? I also had no idea there was such hate for “traddies!” I mean I don’t think Carl Olsen of Ignatius Insight has some other site where he makes fun of people…does he? I know the author won’t appreciate this, but I really did admire her until I found this other blog of hers and I was really shocked at the content of it. It made me feel a little sad. I guess I have never really appreciated sarcastic wit because it so often ends up being very hurtful to the person on the receiving end. I know we all have our rights to free speech and all, but I am sad that some people enjoy this stuff I guess….oh well, I pray Jesus does what he needs to with all of us over this and maybe changes some hearts, including mine of course…Merry Christmas

      • Maybe it will help if you just think of Simcha as a sort of “disciple to the Vulgar.” 😉 She can write in a way that resonates and communicates the counter-cultural truths of the Faith to people who otherwise would never hear it – like my secular friends. I wouldn’t dare link to Voris on my facebook, even if he had something to say that I agreed with, because his manner communicates the message that Catholicism is some kind of exclusive club for the righteous. Simcha is a fellow patient in the Asylum of Sinners that is the Church, and I appreciate that. After all the troubles we’ve had with Catholic ‘personalities’, I’ll stick with the writers who wear their faults on their sleeves, thank you very much!! At least then I won’t be tempted to canonize them prematurely. 😉

  2. Uh, same as my reply from the previous post- sorry that the bullies says about him anything similar to what he says about the Bishops. Thank you for your beautiful writing Simcha. Yours is a Catholicism of beauty and love.

    • Sorry, the above should read “sorry that the Voris bullies get angry when anyone says about him what he says about the Bishops.” Must have deleted something before I hit post.

  3. Simcha: You’re the best! I’m with Tom McDonald. When the Vorisees send out the flying monkeys for you, I am Simcha Fisher.

  4. i love you simcha!! your blog helped me fall in love with the catholic faith. thank you luv 🙂

  5. Okay, I guess everyone who has something to say has said it at this point. Thanks again, everyone! Closing comments now so we can all focus on the four last things: confession, stocking stuffers, Christmas, and brunch.

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