1. I wanted to put this up on the Register, but the comments thingy was shut. Thank you for your writing. I enjoy it, humour and all. Don’t be put off by your detractors.

  2. Ms Fisher, do you also have problems with Catholic Answers, Fr Pacwa, Patrick Madrid, Michael D’Ambrosio and Steve Ray conducting pilgrimages or cruises when they could be giving more money to the poor? Have you contacted the above people and suggested that instead of obtaining some much needed finances for their apostolate they instead somehow get the people who would have gone with them to give the money they would have spent to the no doubt worthy charities you suggest? Perhaps Mark Shea, instead of tin cup rattling for his family finances should go out and get a better paying job and have tin cup rattles for charity. Have you singled out Mr Voris because his cruise will take place over ONE week in Lent – Week 3 I think, or do you just not like Mr Voris and any stick will do? The Flyer to which we are linked informs us that $100 per person will go to St Michael’s Media and the rest to the Cruise line. Yes it would be wonderful if Mr Voris could ask for $100 .from people and it would have been wonderful if Archbishop Dolan didn’t have to attend a dinner and invite politians to raise 5 million dollars for charity but unfortunately Dolan, Voris, Pacwa etc are living in the real world and know that people will give if there is something in it for them. I am sure that you and Mr Shea would give your last spare dollar for charity but unfortunately most people don’t have your heroic virtue.

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