Charities you ought to know

I’m bowled over by this beautiful array of specialized help that people are offering to each other.  (And please note:  there are exactly zero charities whose mission statement is, “All we care about is fetuses.”)


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  1. I learned about Team Rubicon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and they’re now one of my favorite (non-religious) charities. It’s a very simple person-to-person kind of concept: they recruit veterans to provide rapid response in disaster areas. Many of the veterans are struggling in big or small ways to adjust to civilian life, and volunteering with this group connects them to others who understand them, and gives them a mission. Meanwhile these men and women have exactly the training to be able to go into a chaotic, dangerous area like the aftermath of a hurricane or earthquake and get things done. (Team Rubicon also includes medical personnel.) Reading about them and watching their videos brings tears to my eyes: I grew up in the army and I recognize their can-do, no man left behind spirit. Not to mention the sense of humor; they named their Sandy relief “Operation Greased Lightning”. It’s kind of a beautiful slice of humanity to see people helping and being helped this way.

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