Nothing special

I’m sorry, but my beloved, ordinary baby was up all night for some unknown reason, and I can’t think of a snappy teaser to make you want to read today’s post. 


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  1. Hi Simcha, I’m commenting here because the NCR register hates my computer. Or me. I’m not sure if it’s personal yet, but I’m hoping that a properly qualified therapist can help me sort it out.

    Anyway, I loved the article. I was thinking about this recently when I looked at my firstborn’s baby pictures. True, he had electric blue eyes and creamy skin, but he wasn’t nearly as cute as I remembered until I got into the 9 month photos on up. This sobered me up for when my daughter was born, and I found myself saying, “It doesn’t matter if she’s the cutest, I can’t help but enjoy her how she is.” Satan seems to encourage strangers to stop me and rant about my gorgeous children when I am in the midst of making actual progress toward humility, but I try to remind myself that even if my kids were the best-looking kids anyone had ever seen–who cares? That’s just a bonus to their real, higher purpose.

    I love your Benedicta anecdotes since my daughter was born just a week earlier and they’re generally doing the same things. I made my husband read the stuff about “have you tried screaming? And then screaming some more?”

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