50 Books: Guest Post by Nana

Today’s book recommendation for our 50 Books list, which I’m assuming will even out to about fifty books at some point, is written by my mother-in-law, the inestimable, unflappable, indefatigable Nana Fisher, also known as H. M. (which stands for “Helen Mary.”  She also sometimes goes by “H.”  Crazy side note:  I once met a midwife who was named “Mary Helen,” and she went by M. H., or “Maitch”), who keeps her head when all about her are bugging out; whose cookies and fudge sustained my body and soul through many a pregnancy; who can make anything, anything at all, with a sewing machine or enough papier mache; who will let you stay at her house until you get back on your feet, no matter who you are or what your feet smell like; who can feed a small army in style at a moment’s notice; who cleans with a razor blade and kerosine, but who understands how to step over a mess when other things matter more than cleaning; who is one of the original and most loyal members of the Rocky and Bulwinkle fan club;  who always finds the right music for any occasion; and who never stutters and stammers over the names of her eight children or eleven grandchildren, because she calls all the girls “Toots” and all the boys “Sugar Booger”).  H. M.  recommends for us:

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

H.M. says:

The Princess Bride speaks to children and grown-ups in a quirky and familiar way.
Anyone who has seen the movie will enjoy William Goldman’s style in telling the story, set in Renaissance Europe, of adventure, an evil prince, revenge, a ‘dread’ pirate, and of course, true love.
It’s a great book to read aloud boys and girls of any age.



  1. Great in-laws are such a blessing. Sounds like you have a mother in-law who treats you really well. However, you did provide her with 82% of her grandchildren, so you kind of deserve it.

  2. I concur with the book choice, and I would add that (as usual) the book is waaaay better than the movie! (And I loved the movie!)
    What a great tribute to/description of your MIL!

  3. Check out dailylit.com
    Pick a book and they email a portion to you everyday. It is free by the way. I am reading Les Mis, it will only take 2 years if I request the next installment ahead of schedule every so often.

  4. To Nana Fisher: I am not familiar with The Princess Bride but after a bit of research I see that William Goldman is a prolific writer.

  5. My dad gave me this book to read when I was a teen, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It’s the rare case where both the movie and the book match in high quality. If you enjoyed the movie I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the book, for they so closely match each other in spirit and form.

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