The good news about bad motives

It’s a start.

Also:  don’t forget, it’s a holy day of obligation, so get thee to Mass!

And now I’m off to get my least favorite tooth pulled.  I can’t quite bring myself to ask for prayers about that, because it really wasn’t that bad the last time — more gross than painful.  Oh, I know, I’ll offer it up for your intentions!  There you go.



  1. Hey. Good to know that you don’t have a power outage and that your family is safe and secure what with thecurrent natural disaster. Thankfully you didn’t have to endure tidal surges.

  2. I prayed for your family when it hit me that you were in the area afected and I didn’t see your post publish on Tuesday. Praise God for your safety!

  3. This link is not pertinent to this post at all. It’s more concerns your “October Surprise” post:

    BTW, I’ve had three teeth pulled (at different times) and totally sympathize with you. I think it’s worse than childbirth. Now that I’m out of my fertile years, maybe I can keep my calcium to myself, thank you (and get some time to brush my teeth regularly).

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