Pro-choice Catholics worship an idiot God

Just listen to what he says.



  1. I’m actually curious about your opinion on the hubbub concerning the capital g. I read your article as saying it was the pro-choice Catholics’ belief that our one true God had uttered such nonsense, in which case, it would use a capital. No?

    • Yes, that was the point. I thought hard about whether to use upper case or lower case when I was writing it, but I realized that if I used lower case, it would come across as that tired old line about how we all make gods out of money, power, etc. True, but tired. I wanted to drive home the point that pro-choice Catholics actually claim that God Himself — yes, THAT God — says these things.

      I thought hard about whether it was irreverent to phrase it that way, but I thought of Flannery O”Connor saying “If the Eucharist is a symbol, then to Hell with it.” I was using the upper case G to draw a contrast between what I meant and what they meant. If I had used a lower case g, there would not have been a contrast.

      I don’t get paid per click, so I wasn’t trying to be tabloid-like with the title. I was trying to make the post sound interesting (duh, that’s my job), AND I was trying to make it clear ahead of time what kind of post it would be, so that people who would be unnecessarily upset by it (post-abortive women, for one) would know to steer clear. I do that a lot: like, the post called “Why we dropped out of homeschooling.” And then one lady complains that she’s struggling with homeschool, and found my post very discouraging. And I’m like, lady, please.

      Bleah. This whole thing is very upsetting. The thing I hate the most is that so many pro-lifers are like, “YEAH, GO Simcha! In your FACE, sinners! You’re goin’ to HELL, yeee-haw!” And that was not what I meant. Bleah.

      • Yuck, I was surprised how many people were damning others as well. I kept thinking that the church doesn’t even declare so and so is in hell.

        Those stupid people aren’t your fault; however, these are the kind of people disclaimers are written for. *rolls eyes*

  2. “But there are many others who never hear anything BUT “dialogue.” They never hear, for instance, that receiving communion while supporting abortion is a mortal sin. They never come across Catholics who really do believe that abortion is always wrong.”

    I love that. I am so so so guilty of going Simcha on people when it comes to apologetics and whatnot. Lately, I have been feeling guilty. I have been thinking, hm, maybe I need to be a more loving and supportive Catholic. But, what you said here is so true. There are some people that just need a slap in the face because gentle dialogue just isn’t working. I will continue to Simcha them.

  3. I love the bit ““I will give you sexual union as a beautiful and perilously powerful way for humans to take some small part in the fruitful love that pours from one Person of the Holy Trinity to the next.” Every where I look at the moment, I see mention of God’s outward moving love. And doing Sex Ed with my daughter reinforces it. It takes my breath away (not sure what it does for her but she seems OK)

    It reminds me of Alex Schmemann’s phrase that the world is fallen because it has fallen away from the awareness that the whole world is shot through with the presences of God. Impossible not to be pro-life if you have this view of the world, everything, even a tiny bundle of cells in a woman’s womb woven together by the presence of God.

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