I always thought I wanted a big family, but . . .

(a little encouragement for new moms who are struggling.)

Also, tonight I will be at Theology on Tap at 9:00 at Murphy’s in Hanover, NH.  The topic will be “Forgiveness, Cell By Cell”  — and I just realized that, by coincidence, this evening begins Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.   We won’t be doing any penance, though, unless you count being out at a bar with a wild baby who gets even wilder when she’s up past her bedtime.


    • Ha, that’s funny! There’s a growing list of blog post titles which people misinterpreted that way. (For the record, I come from a family of eight and so does my husband, so we always figured we’d have eight kids. I forget when we changed our minds, but we have given up talking about total numbers.)

    • Thank you! I tested it out on my 13-year-old daughter, who is about as smart as a college kid with a couple of beers in him, and she liked it — although she summarized it in two sentences, one of which was completely off. But if people hear 50% of what I say, I guess that’s pretty good.

      • Hope you’ll be able to use it as a post, too–although it won’t be the same as hearing the talk, unfortunately. But the title really spoke to me and I’m very interested to hear/read it.

  1. Post photos!
    I hope Benny is a good girl. I hope you’re not “in for it” tonight!–You’ll do great at the talk. If you are like me, the adrenalin will go to the breastmilk…

  2. hmm, i googled where Hanover is and it’s a 3 hour drive – not in the cards tonight. Any chance you might be doing one of these further south any time soon?
    Still working on our priest btw.

  3. *sigh* So I have to say maybe I understand on a smaller scale how you feel when you write something so encouraging and people get stupid about it- yeah, the ones you’re usually not even addressing. I posted this on a (non catholic) mommy board I’m on. I thought it was perfect timing considering a recent post started a discussion on tubal ligations. Most of the responses were really appreciative. Then the person you weren’t addressing comes on and tells me she went back and forth wondering if she should bring it up but she “had to” since she always speaks up when she encounters things harmful to women, children, and families! (um, !!!!!!) She said advocating women to keep having baby after baby despite hardship in the present simply becuase it can get better in the future, blah blah blah. And she was serious. So apparently we can’t even encourage each other in the present becuase that could be very, very dangerous. Anyway, that pooped on my day. Did you have anyone else that read it that way? I re read a few times, even trying to put on a secular, academic mindset (which she is) and I couldn’t see it. Ah well. FWIW- thanks. We have a pitifully sick baby right now. I need that ecouragment!

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