1. Oh my, what a cute little stinker you were. Now let’s hear about how your husband managed to reel that little rebel in…
    The advice I would give my former self is the advice I keep giving my daughter, who has a love-sick boyfriend following her around like a puppy:
    Keep your thoughts chaste!
    God is the only love that never fails!
    He’s always watching you because He loves you!
    Premarital sex is like grasping at light–you will darken it if you don’t respect that light..
    A fulfilling intimate life with your future spouse requires a strong foundation with a history of self control and self sacrifice.
    Keep focusing on your studies.
    Self discipline and unselfishness will get you through the hard parts
    Submit your life entirely to God. Give Him everything.
    The Holy Eucharist can transform you.
    My sweet girl is packing her things into a trailer, and her older brother is driving her to college in an hour.
    So, so bittersweet…

  2. That kind, loving, beautiful wife you don’t dare even hope for? She actually exists and you’re going to marry her someday, and every time you do something stupid it breaks her heart.

  3. Hi, Simcha. this is Anne Denniston from FB (which I’ve temporarily deactivated). I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you wrote. Especially the part where you talk about feeling like everyone hates you, and hating yourself. I’m still struggling! It helps a lot to know that there are others who share the same struggle. I read you and find that we are so very alike in many ways. For me, the toughest part is focusing on the positives instead of becoming overwhelmed with the negatives. Thank you for helping me to re-focus on God, re-focus on the positives, and for the encouraging words 🙂

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