Not Going to DC

This is really unprofessional, but after mulling it over all weekend, I’ve realized that it would be cuh-razy to go to DC in November.  The baby is just too young, is the main reason — and we don’t have a network of babysitters or anything.  It’s just us chickens, with our multiple jobs, multiple schools, multiple personalities, etc. 

I am still looking for speaking engagements in New England, though.  And the little guys won’t be little forever, goodness knows, so travel for me is not out of the question, just postponed. 

Thank you, so much, to everybody who offered lodging, help, and encouragement!  There are so many of you I hope to meet in person some day. 


  1. Our priest is on vacation this week :jealous: but we want to get you to come speak here (in CT). Not going to lie, I’m a bit of a stalker. The good kind though.

    • In fact, I (ye old DH) have already emailed our priest suggesting that we have you down to speak. Perhaps you could email me your speaking/traveling fees?

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s unprofessional of you because you work for yourself and therefore get to set the boundaries of your professional obligations.

    As a single childless professional, what I find unprofessional are people who have a regular structured job and think being a parent entitles them to not do part of it.

  3. If you change your mind and are bringing baby with you, I live in metro DC and am a member of a large moms group in Loudoun County in Virginia, many of whom use sitters. Also, my dad and stepmom live in DC on Capitol Hill and they know lots of younger families with kids who I’m sure use sitters, too. I’m sure I could put you in touch with some potential candidates if you happen to change your mind about coming with baby in tow. 🙂

  4. I also volunteer as a place for you and your whole clan if you so wish. (We have the room). I can even throw in my older kids as babysitters. (They’re pros).

  5. What kind of speaking engagements are you looking for? Just a “hey, come to my church and speak please, b/c I think you’re great and I bet lots of people at my church would too”? And are you looking for bigger crowds than…my family?

  6. Simcha, if you do change your mind about coming, I volunteer to watch your baby for you free of charge! I know that probably sounds crazy coming from a stranger on the internet but I would be so happy to give you my credentials if you’re interested. Besides being the oldest of 7 kids with over 10 years of babysitting experience, I have a profile on Sittercity with a 5-star rating and I have recommendations from any number of families in DC. Grace Patton (of even recommended me to babysit one of her friend’s children! I’m a long-time fan of your writing and it honestly would be a huge honor to help you out by babysitting Bene for a while. If you reconsider coming, just let me know!

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