Oh noez, he’s sending the wrong message!

Ms. Brown tried to walk forward to greet him, but she started tottering. Archbishop Dolan spotted her and jogged up the steps to help. Meanwhile, the school’s marching band burst into the Cardinal Hayes marching song, inspiring the archbishop to take Ms. Brown in his arms and twirl her around.

The dancing lasted only for a minute or so, Mr. Meenan said, but he will not soon forget the image of the bearlike archbishop squiring Ms. Brown. He wore his black bishop’s garment and a pink cap; she wore a drop-waist dress, black fur and lace-topped stockings.

(full story here)



  1. Be generous with your love and forgiveness; be faithful and firm in holding on to the truth.

    Yes, these can be tricky things to balance sometimes. But not so tricky that doing so is entirely beyond ordinary people of goodwill, with the help of a dash of prayer and grace.

    It’s never going to be as easy as dualism and demonization though.

  2. @Kevin – Well said. “The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. There is the germ of a principle (that I can’t articulate) in that quotation that seems better applied to hearts and souls. Something in the vein of “loving sinners/hating sin.” I was recently blabbering on in the confessional about how it really bothers me that I can believe sin is sin and still choose it over what I know is right and good. The good priest interrupted me and politely said, “shut up. It’s a mystery. We can know certain things about the crucifixion and we can talk about it, but it’s a mystery. Same with the eucharist and everything else is in the faith, Same with sin. Same with your confusion about why you sin.” The balance you write about is mysterious too.

    • Agreed, if you take “opposed” to mean “mutually exclusive.” I don’t know that that’s required though.
      I didn’t really mean for the quotation to stand on its own. I’m not sure Fitzgerald is an authority on any subject. I meant to use it as a starting point to say that sometimes truth requires us to hold things in tension that seem to be contradictory–the balance you mention–instead of picking one and running with it–the dualism and demonization you mention.

      • I get your point, Josh…and I like that quote. Couldn’t resist being puckish though.

        And am ever so grateful that, over here on the IHTSD side of the Fisher Media Empire, it garnered a non-lunatic response.

  3. Eek! It’s a…it’s a…

    PHOTO OP!!!

    We all know how scary and powerful those are! And how they can deceive the easily-deceived Catholics–you know, all those proles out there who are so dumb compared to you and me…

    …oh look! This comment signed “CATHOLICS FOR OBAMA” is clearly on the up-and-up!

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