The cruel and caring parent

Contradictions in modern parenting, or two sides of the same coin?


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  1. 1)When my eldest was little, my husband took her to the play park. There was a group of boys running as a pack and my husband said she was sending all the wrong messages when they chased her. His answer was to send her and her sister to karate lessons. She is now a black belt and can get her father in an arm lock he cannot get out of. This is one way of protecting our daughters.

    2) The article says “Do you want your daughter to have sex with her boyfriend to make him happy?” Actually I don’t want my daughters having sex with any boyfriends for any reason. I want my daughters to spend time discovering their vocation because it is a unique gift from God to them, so that they can discover him in a unique way. Then, if they have a vocation to marriage I want them to develop a relationship without the pressure of sex and wait until their relationship becomes a sacrament, which brings life to them and their friends and family. I don’t want them sleeping with men who don’t understand the importance of sexuality and spirituality and who don’t value them as a unique person created and loved by God. It is interesting that my daughter and her friends have all suffered sexual harassment at school and it always peaks after Sex Ed lessons. Better to teach girls their true worth before God.

    So karate lessons and theology are really essential.

    I don’t generally force my children to hug or kiss others but I don’t get them to ‘high-five’ people goodbye either. Yuck. But I’m British so its a cultural thing maybe.

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