So, because Boston and surrounding towns are designed to utterly confuse, confound, baffle and frustrate the typical driver of a 15-passenger van who has just spent the last five hours in 90-degree heat with nine children at the zoo and now would like to go home but can’t because SOMEHOW WE’RE IN A ROUNDABOUT AGAIN, we decided that we would just find the first restroom that came along, rather than trying to figure out where we were first.

There was this port-a-potty at a construction site, and we decided to go for it.

Inside was this sign:

It really took the edge off!



  1. Where I currently live, that sign should have had a comma between tank and you and it would have been perfectly acceptible speech. with exactly the same meaning as the original sign…but with more emphasis.

    We often chuckle at the local Pontiac dialect.

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