Guy movies that aren’t

A rather stupid post today, because I earned it.  Happy weekend!



  1. Just so I can save face:
    I don’t like sappy Hollywood chick flicks!!! 99% of what I recommended at NCR is worthy, some truly memorable and beautiful.
    I liked Gladiator, LOTR, The Godfather, Drive, Alien (though it almost put me in labor)Braveheart, Scarface, The professional, La Femme Nikita (original)and a whole blur of other punches, gunshot wounds, explosions, etc….Am I vindicated for the toe nails and high heels? Hummingbird drinks are for losers–okay, I’d drink one to be nice.
    p.s. my patient husband thanks you for the recommendations

  2. If one admits to liking “knocked Up” or laughing about some of the scenes in 40 y,o Virgin does that mean one is one is no longer a Catholic in good standing, and officially a member of the vast, heathen, rabble out there?

  3. Can you do a post about hilarious things your kids have said? I was just rereading the one about your daughter making the “please move your big bottom” comment to you, and laughing all over again. This could be so much fun!

    Also, NCR needs comments to be like yours—with links and the ability to reply to specific people and not just in order. Please use your magic employee powers to suggest this!

    • Oh, I agree about the comments on the Register, although that would take away some of the comic value of people who come out swinging, but it’s not clear at whom.

      I want to do a post just about Irene, actually. That’s funny about the “move your big bottom” line – I recently came across it completley by accident, by someone who remembered it entirely wrong. He quoted it as “move your fat ass, mom,” and remembered that all the mom readers laughed and giggled about how sassy their kids were, instead of trying to lead them in the ways of Godliness or something. The way I remember it, everyone kind of groaned and told their own awful stories, and then encouraged each other to stop referring to ourselves as “fat” in front of our kids!

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