1. This reminded me of a seminar I went to ages ago on torture. A human rights activist reacted angrily to the suggestion that we should pray for those who torture others. However, another man on the panel, from Central America who had been bombed out of his own house by government forces and had members of his congregation arrested and tortured disagreed. We should, he said pray for their souls. A bit like Saul on the Damascus Road, the torturer can become the Saint.

    One of the ‘cards’ the pro-abortion lobby play is that they are the ones who truly care about women. And they often play the card that workers in abortion clinics are brave people standing up for women. Recently, in Brighton during the 40 days for Life prayer vigil outside the BPAS clinic, those pro-abortion mounted a 40 days of Treats to make all those inside feel better having to walk past those horrible people PRAYING outside their clinic. With their nasty rosaries and everything. http://brighton40treats.tumblr.com/

    If the public can start hearing from abortion clinic workers who are sick of what they do and want to get out that will help counter this kind of campaign. Pray for their souls. Get them out of this industry anyway we can. Thank you to Abby.

  2. I thank God that I had people praying for me when I worked for Planned Parenthood of Western Washington. I am a cradle pagan turned orthodox Catholic due to being knocked off my horse by a Catholic philosopher (now my husband) and bombarded by prayer by a church militant (now my mother in law). It was a long road out of PP and I am ever thankful for being loved enough to be challanged to leave. I hope one day the Lord will allow me to be involved with something to heal some of the harm I have done.

  3. I serve in a ministry to women who work in the s*x industry (as ex*tic dancers — sorry for the asterisks, but I don’t want you to get trolled). We’ve heard the same kinds of reactions to our ministry. Some Chrisitans seem to think that if we’re too “nice” to them, they might forget that they’re actually sinning. Believe me, the women we meet already think that Christians and God hate them. We’re there to try and convince them that there is a God who loves them wildly, enough to die in their place . . . and that there are Christians who love them, too. Go Abby!

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