So what DO we tell our kids about sex?

Hello, everyone.  Guess how many times I wrote today’s post and then WordPress, Expression Engine, and the Microsoft Word lost it?  And guess how many medals I’ve earned for not just filling in this post with colorful exclamations having to do with . . . ducks?   And mothers?  The answer to the first question is THREE.  And the answer to the second one is NOT ENOUGH.

The good news is, they sell REALLY BIG GLASSES at the dollar store.  And now I’m off to refill it.  Son of a.


  1. Things along the lines of this have happened several times to professors of the Theology of the Body classes I take every summer. Not to jump right to “spooky” causes, but they tend to attribute it to spiritual attack – so take consolation both in the vodka? gin? and in the fact that today’s post is clearly spot on!

  2. lol, sorta dropped an F bomb yesterday in front of a teenager, what with rush hour traffic, ortho apts. and dreaded SPRING SING! I feel your pain. I actually thought of Sam I am! It made me guilty. I often wonder how you stay so inspired 3x per week with all of the other things Mom’s have on their brains. Maybe that’s the magic. 🙂

  3. Your next post should be about guiding children in their relationships or how to choose a good spouse. The responses may be very interesting!

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