HUGE Giveaway for Reece’s Rainbow

The Ironic Catholic is close to completing the adoption of Alex, an Eastern European little boy with special needs.  They used Reece’s Rainbow, an agency which facilitates international adoption of special needs kids.  These children often live in horrifying conditions in orphanages, and are often in danger of being sent to adult mental institutions if they aren’t adopted.  As the IC explains,

[T]he problem is not really how to afford to care for the kids once home: decent medical insurance and social security disability help a lot with this, and there are rules for what people need to earn to adopt


But the costs of international adoption—well, no one I know has that kind of money lying around. We are able to complete our adoption through the incredible generosity of friends and family. Look, God can do this. But He needs His people’s help.

The Ironic Catholic is asking our help for her friend Vera, who is determined to rescue 4-1/2-year-old Harper.

IC explains:

[Harper] has HIV and HepC…two diagnoses that are manageable on their own, but together, require very savvy medical care to keep in check. They’ve been told Harper is a sick little girl and needs better medical care asap. Vera and family are almost entirely ready to go paper-wise–the dossier is being sent this week–and they have paid thousands out of pocket for nearly all costs to this point. But they had expected to have a few months to fundraise and gather resources for travel and facilitation fees. To get Harper the medical care she needs as quickly as possible, they need to raise about $15,500 in…two months.

So this is where the contest comes in.  There are THIRTY-FIVE excellent prizes to be won, including a copy of Style, Sex, and Substance signed by all ten authors.  There are many other signed books, gift cards, and handmade jewelry, scarves, rosaries, prints, chocolate, and more.  Please stop by the Ironic Catholic and find out how to enter!


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