So, I spent  probably six hours yesterday on a post wherein I discovered a counterintuitive but illuminating link between ideas in two articles I had read that morning.  By the time the sun went down and it still wasn’t done, I was ready to admit that the link was as follows:  they were both interesting.  And that was it.

So here instead is an old one about Robins.



  1. I have the most brilliant ideas when I’m someplace where I can’t get to a computer for 3 hours, in which time they dissipate completely. I need to get wired for sound. Maybe I could just wear a fake bluetooth thingy so when I was talking to myself people would think I was just rude and not crazy.

    AMDG, Janet

  2. (Which, by the way, is French for “Thanks for sharing your struggles, because I’m trying to get some final papers going and they aren’t yet…going.”) 🙂

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