Crossing the line

My husband said, “Either you’re a genius, or very tired,” but I think he’s giving me too much, or not enough credit.



  1. Having to live up to being a genius all the time must get exhausting. I have much less to live up to. My favorite stress reliever is to make really dorky, silly faces at my daughter and she says: “Mooooooooom, you’re such a wierdo!”, (it is so much easier to be accused of that all the time) and then we both laugh, at which point she might “channel” “Betsy” her own pretend wierdo, who is a lesbian PE teacher from the South. I have to beg her to stop because my bladder can never take it. My husband makes her promise she’ll get her college degree before she is allowed to do “stand up”….. I hope that on your more rough days, you have a comic in your big group to help you laugh when it is sucking heavily.

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