1. That last part reads like a Robert Munsch story. I really wish he would do a book about Rush Limbaugh going away forever…

  2. I will be at my town’s rally tomorrow and am looking forward to it. My favorite thing about this whole business is how much it’s done to help unify Catholics of different political persuasions.

    Also, in an entirely unrelated and completely random note…

    I was just over at Amazon and they’ve released a big Bach collection in honor of J.S.’s birthday. 120 MP3 tracks, 9 hours of music in total, for 99 cents. And, unlike many mystery-meat classical compilations, this one seems to be built from perfectly reputable performances.


    I’m off Facebook for Lent so am instead randomly posting this here, because I just had to tell *someone* about this.

    • Oh, Kevin, thank you so much! It’s not random to me, because just this very morning I was saying that I want to buy some music for my new (well, Christmas present) iPod, and I was also sad because I didn’t realize it was Bach’s birthday until it was almost over. So, twofer! I’ll pass it along, too.

      • Luckily, with the Old Calendar vs. New Calendar wonkiness, we get two cracks at celebrating it on the “right” day. (I think more peoples’ birthdays should be like that.)

        Glad the collection happened to be what you were looking for. Enjoy!

  3. I will be going with at least 1 of my children, the other 2 will get antsy and may bite the opposition if provoked! hahaha

  4. I want to go, but my husband is working and my children are very young. I plan to pray a rosary during the noon hour (if I somehow find the time, maybe a rosary for each noon hour in America).

  5. Kate, thanks for your post, I did that too- I just did the sorrowful mysteries and was brought to tears. I wish I could be at a rally, but I felt His presence so strongly just now. All of these prayers had so much meaning as I offered them up, thinking of this situation.

    • Good for you, Kaitlin! I found it to be a challenging, yet very moving time as well. I wanted to be at the rally to show my support, but I think what we did was just as good, maybe better. Each rosary took me 25 minutes and then I took care of my kids and ran back to the living room to start the next one. I did all four mysteries, which is the first time I have ever said them all in one day! I blogged about it a little bit. I made it into my own little retreat.

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