Good For You vs. Just Plain Good

Wanna make a movie about virtue?  Someone’s going to have to die.

Later today I will announce the winner of the book giveaway, and have closed comments, so no more entries will be accepted.  I had hoped to have all of it ready to go this morning, but yesterday turned out to be one of those days where cars break down and you have to pick people up from the next state and then you come home and throw up.  Today we have three dentist appointments and an orthodontist appointment, two of the kids are home sick, and we have to drive into the next state again, and then tomorrow I have to have a tooth pulled. So . . . Hey you fellas, how ’bout some beans? You want some beans? Goin’ through some mighty rough country tomorrow, you’d better have some beans.



  1. Sounds like a rough couple of days. Said a prayer for you and your family this morning.

    My wife and I just got our copy in the mail yesterday and I’m as excited about reading it as she is!

  2. SOrry about your Dental travails…I have many myself…annoying…but have no fear…they are growing new teeth these days (in Mice) from non-fetal stem cells. Just a bright spot on the horizon.

  3. Oh no. That’s crazy tough. When I get in over my head I cancel appointments. My kids wear braces endlessly…two steps forward, one back. Luckily my Orthodontist and I are on a first name basis and she cuts me tons of slack. Benny must be a good little traveler.

    • I would have cancelled, except that I kept the kids home Wednesday, thinking it was Thursday, when their appointments were! I couldn’t bring myself to skip school on a day with no appointments, and then skip the appointments on the day when they actually were. I miss my brain.

  4. This is not related to anything but last might at family prayers, Jesse (3years), asked if we could sing ‘Spanner of the World’, which is a new song I’ve taught them, which actually goes ‘His Banner Over Me is Love’.
    It reminded me of the three gods, one of whom is called Jeremy.
    Anyhoo, I thought that was pretty funny and seeing as how I don’t do facebook, I had to write it somewhere, and I thought, Simcha’s blog is a good place.

  5. I hope your week gets better (or next week)!

    As a side note, have you ever done a post about movies you find good or worth watching? I feel like they would be movies my husband and I would enjoy watching and we always seem to have a hard time picking good ones. You know, when you get a chance. 😉


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