Last Chance!

Tomorrow will be too late. . . but today, you still have time to enter the book giveaway.  Remember, it’s free to enter, but if you donate to SVCS, your name will be entered ten times!  Thank you to everyone who entered, and a special thanks to everyone who donated to the school.

At last count, there were FAR fewer entries this time around, so you have a much better chance of having your name drawn from the giant imaginary hat I’m imagining.

The book is temporarily sold out on Amazon*, but you can order it directly from the publisher.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer that was banned from YouTube**:

*Hallie explains:

Books are being shipped to Amazon as quickly as possible. I spoke to OSV this morning and they are working feverishly to make more books available as soon as possible. And in fact, even though the status still says “temporarily out of stock”, Amazon is continuing to ship books as they unpack them. We just have so many backorders that, technically, it is out of stock. Does that make sense?

Anyway, all this is to say that you shouldn’t feel like you need to wait to order the book just because it says it’s out of stock. Books are constantly being received and shipped.

**We have no idea why.  I guess someone flagged it as inappropriate, and someone on the YouTube review staff agreed that it was . . . too peppy?  There’s no appeals process.  Thank goodness for Vimeo!



  1. How weird about the YouTube. Did somebody claim they had copyrighted the flying-above-the-clouds footage or something?

    Eh, at the end of the day it’s essentially random.

    Encouraging to hear about being “out of stock” at Amazon…that’s a good problem to have! Well done, ladies.

  2. MUAHAHAHA MY BOOK JUST CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!!! I was so nervous since it was sold out, even though we pre ordered. buahahahaha. Guess what i’ll be doing as soon as the kids go to bed? 😉

  3. I’d love this book! I’m totally in love with the concept of your school. Wish I could afford to donate, but we’re a family of ten on one income. I know you understand! 😉

  4. I forget if I already entered, so I’m commenting here. I’m not trying to get a double entry (or maybe I am??).

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